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The point of Suddenlee, which I think you are all missing, is them being able to locate sold out or hard to find items within NY (large retail I assume, right?) compared to other localities that only have one place for shoppers.
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one of the large selling points for suddenlee is you can shop multiple stores with 1 site...nominal fee for each additional store
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Apologies if this has been asked recently but are the low cut socks invisible when worn with low top sneakers?
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Checked out the flatiron site today. Picked up a few pairs of the twill jeans, a bunch of button downs, the quilted vest, a years supply of airism boxers icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif, a few OP t-shirts.

All this seasons blazers have crazy long sleeves except the cord and velvet jackets. Picked up a velvet blazer but might return it tomorrow.
This seasons flannel shirts feel more flimsy than previous years.
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hope they clean up their website and update it regularly when they go to an online model.

that probably explains the person note I got from suddenlee, they know they gonna loose me.
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nice since no fucking la store still
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Anybody have a fit pic of the Twill Denim in Wine? The colors are so inaccurate on the website.

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Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post

What about it?

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Haha pretty sure Uniqlo and Maru are my two favorite things in the world. Would never expect them to be together.
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which of the fine vneck merinos are on sale? the new ones (072551) or the 069108?

also, how green is the 55 green oxford compared to the picture?
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F/W Undercover comes out today right?
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Stopped by the SoHo store early to try on as much UU as possible. Took a lot of pics, made an album of everything I ended up trying on Some really good stuff, but a lot of not so good. They didn't have the peacoat or the bikers jacket in yet. Best pieces, in my opinion, are the utility parka, padded sport coat, puffy down jacket, flannel shirt jacket, wool blend cargos, sweatpants and the slim cords. Everything else was disappointing.

EDIT: forgot to mention, everything is size XS except the pants (cargos/sweats are size S and the slim cords are 29).
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Good contribution to thread, needs more of this type of posts

Looks like I'll be only picking up some knits and trousers (typical of Uniqlo IMO)

Women always get the best thing. If this was made for men I would be happy just picking this up from the UU F/W '12 collection
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Thanks Zach for the pics and reviews. I was looking at the microfleece hoodie but it sounds like it's not that great.
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