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I can't decide if I like the bulky fleece jacket or not lol
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Yea, I have mixed feelings about that jacket too. The parka and the down look pretty good though.
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Originally Posted by transient View Post

Not to be a dick but what other alternative are you looking to discover? You wash, maybe even machine dry, they shrink, you wear and they stretch out again. Tis the denim dance.
Anyone got any deets on the tasmanian wool suit? I've searched the thread and couldn't find any general info on sizing/slimness of the jacket. I'm in need of an interview suit so I can get back to copping.

Search harder
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I dropped by the Seoul Flagship today. The UU display took up half the first floor. The heavier outerwear pieces aren't out yet. The biker jacket is not my style, so I hesitate to comment on it except that the black fabric trim is corduroy.
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If you can, please tell me anything and everything about this sport coat:
The shoulders are unpadded, with very minimal structuring. Single vent.
The "wool blend" material is... spongy? It's thick but light, like fleece. Very comfortable, on the level of last season's dry easy jacket or this season's comfort jacket, but a lot warmer and fully lined.
The buttons on the cuffs are functional, which is nice but makes tailoring the sleeves difficult.
The brown is taupe; the color on the website is fairly accurate. The dark grey is a flecked charcoal, much bolder than on the website. The black is black, again much darker than on the website.
I really liked it, but decided against it because the details make it much too "hip" for my liking.

What I did pick up:
A bunch of UU t-shirts and 3/4 sleeves. Love the fit.
Fair-isle cardigan, in red.
Comfort jacket, in brown.
Field blouson, in light grey. Might return this, because the hood is too small for people who wear glasses.
Wanted to pick up one of the new green oxfords, but they're all sold out now.

Any questions on those items, like me know.
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Any pictures of the fair-isle?
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Colors are fairly accurate. Same sizing as the lambswool cardigan for me.
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^ i can't seem to find that fair-isle through the menu? red looks nice.

looking for more comment on the faux leather jacket. and how it fits. i've seen one IRL picture and the pleather looked pretty shoddy.

how heavy are the knits?

and the pants?

tees fit same as S/S, i assume?

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Okay let me summarize my experience with UU: I am no expert in clothing but I was pretty disappointed

- The Wool blended jacket is not very structured, felt pretty cheaply made, like it would fall apart or fuzz up if any sort of humidity touches it. I think the biggest problem I have with it is pretty much a wool blazer, aren't much of a jacket, you going to need a massive scarf to cover up the mid if you use it as a jacket
- Body warm Padd Jacket is actually pretty neat piece, nicely constructed and good fit. I would consider grabbing but it aren't really my style, or is it?
- The biker jacket is like the S/S jacket except with a bit more padding inside, fits just like other Uniqlo faux jackets
- Didn't see no microfleece hoodie, maybe batch 2, regular hoodie quality is pretty brutal
- The fannel shirts are pretty crappy as well, bad colour and bad design/quality
- I was really looking foward to the wool blended cargo pants, but man those pocket are enormous, they fluff around like dumbo's ears
- the cardi and sweater colours are pretty awkard, especially on the back, where it is like Two-Face colour. and Mustard yellow... wtf mate
- Check out the sneakers, white is just like on the website, black is exactly like Chucks except with an ugly UU symbol on the back.

If I can sum up this collection with one word, it would be 'awkward', but just my oponion through
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^ Any experience with the utility coat or 3/4 sleeve shirts?
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Any of the NYC stores still have black or orange Evangelion "NERV" tees in S/XS? Would love to get a proxy for it if possible since I don't see it on the Uniqlo site anymore.
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Originally Posted by ipractice View Post

^ Any experience with the utility coat or 3/4 sleeve shirts?

Utility coat is in batch 2. 3/4 t-shirts are just what it is, not a big fan of the logos through
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Anyone seen the new slim-fit cords? Thinking about getting the green ones.
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They restock their basics, like the oxfords and slim fit linen blazers? They were pretty dry on XS over the summer, not sure if those are on hold for the time being.

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is the mountain parka at NYC locations yet?
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how does the biker jacket run? it and the fair isle cardigan are the only pieces im really considering from this collection.
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