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Is that the actual shop?  Looks way more legit than "pop up" lol.  


If that's it, I'm definitely going today.

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Man that looks nice, if anyone goes be sure to report back if they are having any special sales at that location. Well, now just gotta wait for a webshop (since I'm thinking the likelihood of a Kansas City store is minimal at best).
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Originally Posted by Dbear View Post

Is that the actual shop?  Looks way more legit than "pop up" lol.  

If that's it, I'm definitely going today.

According to the address, that should be the actual shop. But yeah the lot they rented out is pretty big (previously DSW Shoes which was 3 floors), so I was surprised too when they announced it was a pop up shop and not a flagship.
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^ well, the flagship is still coming--this fall/winter 2012.

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how long is pop up open? and when is the actual grand opening for retail? planning a road trip down the coast this fall
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^This weekend and until 6pm today. Gonna head over after I finish this sandwich and coffee lol.
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Winter is coming!

I need to drop by this weekend for sure!!
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I was wrong about the hours mon-sat 10am-8pm, sun 11am-6pm. It's up until 09/13.

They mostly have slim straight denim, merino sweaters, down jackets, collab tees and heat tech in ss crew and v neck, and ls v neck.
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Christ, that store has more tops in it than a BDSM club.
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I'm assuming they don't have these in the pop store?
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tried a pair of herringbone dark grey perfect fit cargo trousers today. looked and felt really good. 75% cotton, the rest spandex and elastane. damn uniqlo. really hard to wait for discount


apparently hasn't come out in us yet
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Nice, going to check out the pop up show tomorrow on my way out of town.

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Stopped by and the shop will be open until the flagship store opens, which is cool.

They had a wall of heat tech, wall of puffy jackets, wall of merino sweaters, two racks of shirts, 2 tables of jeans and pants and then a bunch of graphic tee collabs in the middle of the store.

They said they will be getting new stock in often and they don't know what's coming.

Got a chance to try stuff on and a medium fits great, so picked up a few shirts and some heat tech. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Had a friend go by today and she told me that the selection is really limited. Lots of tops as previously stated, but not much else. A bunch of down jackets, sweaters, and some jeans is about it from what I heard.
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