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I prefer those because I'm usually at the office.

Do you just rock the OCBDs as casual wear? They have no place in a business setting, imo.
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OCBD with some trousers and oxford or cap toe for everyday.

Spread collar with suit and tie on days for client seminars.

Unless you are wearing a suit jacket everyday with a tie to the office then sure. As mentioned before though I never understood why 2 of my colleagues wear spread collars without a tie or collar stay. Even then, if you're going to use collar stays why not wear a button down?

And at Uniqlo level, the collar is not big enough for a nice roll without tie for point collars IMO. We are venturing into MC then and there is definitely a disconnect at that point.

I'll say my office is a business casual setting rather than suit and tie everyday.
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No worries, I've just grown accustomed to these point collar shirts. They dry very quickly and are much thinner than my Uniqlo OCBDs. Regardless, I still wear my OCBDs, but this ridiculously hot weather doesn't justify wearing OCBDs.
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Originally Posted by pseudonym View Post

Things I usually buy in bulk:
- Airism boxer briefs (absolutely perfect, even if it's a bit pricey; have heard great things about Airism undershirts as well)
- Socks (stock up on these -- mine have lasted well over 3 years)
- Undershirts (in the packages [$6/each]) (both crewneck and v-neck)
- Chinos (beater pair has lasted me 2 years and going)
- Oxfords (always solid investment)
- Shirts for office job ($30/each; never had to iron)

Is there a reason why you dot have the airism undershirts?
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Can you provide links to the underwears ad socks that you were referring to?

Have you tried tr premium down parka? It seems like a good value, but I don't know whether it's decent quality or not.
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@lsqaure: you stated you were in NYC, why don't you just go to one of the many Uniqlo stores and check the products they have out in person.
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any promos?
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is there a release date for uu fw yet? need to pick up a shirt and that lounge set
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from sufu:

"uniqlo undercover Final Collection will hit stores in US from Aug. 31."

Japan: August 17
UK: August 23
Hong Kong: August 24
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thank you! wonder if suddenlee will allow pre orders...
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i don't see why they wouldn't - they are prob trying to get as much biz as possible before the uniqlo webshop opens this fall.
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Has their actually been an official press release from Uniqlo stating that the webshop is opening up this fall? I just know they've been saying that for awhile, don't want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed.
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I'm curious about the legitimacy of the webshop also....I really hope it does go live this fall.
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Also, probably too far off to put a whole lot of thought in to, but I wonder who's going to be the next collaboration designer. A part of me wishes they would just go back to using Jil Sander, but that's probably not likely.
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So my pops is in Japan for a few days, will ask him to bring me back a pair of Uniqlo MIJ denim, do most stores stock them?
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