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So OCBD are on sale for $15

Any other promos happening?

Particular their Tasmanian trousers and dry jackets... thanks

Here are the OCBD measurements fyi:

5'10/150lbs and looks like I need an XS
Sound right?

I think a size.S shoulder measurements will droop too far down my shoulders.

My MTM measurements seem most accurate to the XS as well...
I wish they provided waist measurements
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^ Only sizes left in Tasmanian are sz 33+.

Dry jackets are still at original price. That rib jacket/shirt looks interesting; nice fabric for the summer.
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Allow me to add to the confusion. I have an oxford from S/S '10 in medium. It's fine in the body, but the chest is now pretty snug (have between 41- and 42-inch chest) and the upper arms are pretty tight. If I buy another Uniqlo oxford, I'll just size up to a large and had the body tailored.
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Tailoring is always an option.

But I rather not mess around with the shoulders.

I swear I saw new Tasmanian suit pants, 100% wool and not the 98/2 blend hm
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^ I guess they haven't released them in the US stores yet.

Will be on the lookout though, considering I need to add a gray suit to the closet.
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Looking for +J trousers in 31, or blazers in Small (Medium if it's the older stuff), if you're looking to get rid of some stuff get at me.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Tailoring is always an option.
But I rather not mess around with the shoulders.
I swear I saw new Tasmanian suit pants, 100% wool and not the 98/2 blend hm

Surprised with all the Uniqlo stuff you've bought that you haven't picked up a plain oxford!

You took M in the +J suits right? I think small might be okay.
The small suiting fit okay, probably could've gone XS. I take XS in the regular oxford, though it does have room through the body.
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I took medium/31 in all the suiting although the +J variety is definitely a tad slimmer.

Shoulders fit fine but the body is indeed roomier, which makes me think sizing down to fit the body is better.
And being 100% there is no worry about shrinkage really as there is enough give either way when washing and wearing.

Yeah yet to try Uniqlo oxfords...need new shirts now so worth a try.

I may just go with a size small as the waist maybe too slim.
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I hate sizing shit. I'm 5"7 170lbs but for some reason I can shimmy into Uniqlo xs. Best to get a small and tailor though I have found out.
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I am definitely an XS

Took measurements of older OCBD's.

To be safe, I am in the middle of XS/S but seeing how small measures almost 18" across the shoulder is quite absurd to me since I am more use to 17.5" at most.

It may just be why I have held out in picking up particular oxfords, perhaps including this particular cut because I know Uniqlo does offer other OCBD's with a 17.5" shoulder and respective Chest/Arm length.

I believe those cuts are the slim OCBD's if someone can verify the measurements.

But for those that care, as the wise driveslowk (kelvinsense anyone?) said one time, he very much prefers chest measurements beforehand to make sure the body is not too big before anything else.
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Originally Posted by kevin305 View Post

Anyone pick up the bike jacket yet? Fit pics appreciated.

If you're talking about the Undercover collaboration then it didn't come out yet. It's released this Friday the 16th I believe.
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Anyone have a complete list of this Weeks promotions?
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How do the slim fit straight jeans on sale this week fit compared to Levi's 511?

Is it a good cut?

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^^Is not the list on the uniqlo site? this week it's M's and W's denim, also M's and W's oxfords.
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Yeah but i'm sure there are more items on sale.

Anyone know if those dry packaged shirts will shrink if I throw them in dryer at the hottest setting?
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