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Originally Posted by Clyde099 View Post
In your experience are these chinos tru to size? Do they shrink?

true to size and they will stretch a bit with wear in between washes. i actually could go down one more in the waist, but then my legs would get stuck. my goal is to have one pair for everyday of the week, but they always run outta stock when i want more...
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Anyone know if they ship to Canada?
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Does anyone know when Uniqlo usually restocks their stuff?
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I went to the NYC store yesterday. They haven't restocked like they did a couple months back, but I was finally able to find 1 pair in 34/32 so I guess they got a tiny bit in.. Most of their sizes were still 36 and up. There was another 34/32, and I saw a 33x34 and a couple 32x34s..
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Originally Posted by anonymouz View Post
Does anyone know when Uniqlo usually restocks their stuff?

they restock every week, but they never know what's in the shipments until it arrives...
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Any input in regard to their pea coat? Fit, look and construction? Insulated?
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I typically wear a 36S Blazer or Sports Coat. Should I get an S or XS when buying from Uniqlo? (I'm ordering through a 3rd party, so I can't be there in person to try it on.)
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XS. Unless you are getting the Japenese market clothing. Then you'd want S. Also, observation: The fabric in the Chinos is not good for anything other than durability. It's quite stiff and quite hot. The fit, is of course, excellent.
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Really? I'm a 38 and my US S is bursting at the seams. On a related note, if you're interested in a black uniqlo blazer in size s. PM me.
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that is because you lift weights.
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Is sizing the same between Uniqlo NY and Uniqlo Japan/Hong Kong? I have a friend in Hong Kong who can pickup some flannel shirts for me, but measurements on show that size L sleeves are only 62cm/24.4" from shoulder seam to end of sleeve, which will be at least an inch too short. Sizing up to XL would help but the torso would be too baggy. I've got relatively normal length arms, so I've never run into this problem before. Would the NY equivalent have longer sleeves or are all Uniqlo shirts cut like this??
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no. everything is smaller in jap/hk. so us S = jap/hk M
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does anyone know if the UK sizing is the same as US sizing? or is it just the US that has larger sizes.
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I talked to a few Japanese over the weekend and they said that in Japan Uniqlo is considered a brand for the 40+ crowd.
Are Japanese just less conservative dressers than us in the States?
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could be a number of things, most likely we don't think of uniqlo like that because their clothes aren't designed for a fat american like other mall brands
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