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I just think it looks nice, thanks guys icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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That jacket is definitely nice for a SS piece.

Actually, I think you should cop, put it on ice for a little bit, and rock it in a few months' time. I tried on the olive colorway; looks great.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

I think a 7" or more is still okay for casual wear.
Size 31 has about 6.9" as stated on UK Uniqlo measurements
^was that down blazer in gray more of a charcoal? if it was then cool. photos on uniqlo made it look like a boring grey

Yep it's more of a charcoal, very nice colour.
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Don't have it in hand yet but I finally got that military blouson in an XS on the way icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

Also this looks rad, with my w+h devil cotton jacket, shawl collard, and blouson I'm good on jackets.
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can someone please tell me if this vest is stil available?

would like a proxy for this...
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I'd like the same vest if someone is willing to proxy and it's still available.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Tapered are REALLY slim, like 7" openings on the smaller sizes (30, 31 tagged waist size)

6.75, actually icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gificon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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I think that vest is from last spring, so long gone

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Ah, I thought it was the other side of this seasons reversible is the one I'm Large most likely.
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Can anyone comment on what the stock of the regular J+ suiting in L/33-34 is like?
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6.75 on size 31? good thing i cancelled...would be too slim i think.

I think seeing people on waywt with slim trousers keep "motivating" me to buy slimmer but i think 7.5-7.75" are quite slim enough for my frame in trousers. Just make sure you get pants hemmed so it does not throw off the silhouette

copped 2 +J flannel trousers and 2 Tasmanian wool (3 suits), need more pants but no funds =\

can anyone else recommend similar trousers in the mainline?
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How much is the Tasmanian Wool jacket Ghettoasty? What's the sizing like too? I'm a XS on normal/big stuff and a Small on slim stuff.
From what I see here that is the suite to get? Tasmanian Wool Jacket + Slacks, dark grey?
Sorta want a wool suite for my interviews in SF.
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I got the slim fit size M jacket, but you may need a size small if you usually wear size XS.

They are nice, not 100% wool -- 98% wool with 2% elastane. I got the navy and grey...dark gray is nice. You can definitely till the difference by feel between the +J flannel (100% wool suits vs Tasmanian)

I personally like more trousers just for work worn with a EFM wool or lambswool sweater and OCBD.

get your cop on!
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Canadian winters are no match for Heattech. Great stuff.

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Ok I need some uniqlo sizing advice

I have unfortunately never bought from uniqlo and the closest one to me is a bit of a drive (4 hours?) so here's what I've got

For shirts:

42 inch chest (may be increasing soon)
36 inch waist
14 inch arm measurement

I wear a medium in Jcrew, gap, and a large in APC

Idk if id be a large or an XL

For pants

37 inches at my natural hips
24 inch thighs
33 inch inseam

I wear a 33 in APC new standards which are sized down three usually
I wear a 38 in epaulet smith jeans or whatever they are called
I usually wear a 36-38 in most other brands

Im guessing here I would need XL everything?

For most things I don't mind them being oversized, rather this than too tight. I pull off the slouchy look pretty well
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