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can you order fro Sudden Lee with those promotion applied? I want the heattechs and vnecks really bad..
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YES! Yes you can.

Just put in an order and ask for the promo/they will automatically price adjust.

why wouldn't they??
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I wish I found out about sudden lee before, fuck. Seems like their shipping/proxy is so affordable.
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Yes I support Suddenlee 110% for domestic proxies.

If you need international (from US to outside), I can probably refer you to someone.

jet has his personal shopper in NY
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Originally Posted by ceoceo View Post

can you order fro Sudden Lee with those promotion applied? I want the heattechs and vnecks really bad..

I didn't know that the +J stuff was on sale. I just got lucky. Suddenlee didn't even have to tell me that there were on sale, but they did and charged me the lower price (which also meant less fees that they could collect). Also, I was able to communicate via e-mail with someone in the main office, who was in direct contact with someone at the store, so I was able to get updates almost real-time, which I'm pretty sure most proxies won't do. They also shipped out the next business day for cheaper than any proxy I've seen, the packaging was good, and they even threw in a Uniqlo catalog haha.
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Yeah pretty much, an item I wanted was sold out so they substituted for me via real-time e-mail.
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Just wondering do they charge your credit card right away, or only once they confirm the item is available? Since I'm in Canada and get packages shipped to the states, my credit card is in cdn $ obviously, and if they charge me and refund me if item is not available i lose out on exchange rates from visa.
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Once confirmed, they will charge.

Not anytime before.
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They put a hold on your credit card for the estimated amount, and then follow through with a charge for the actual amount.

Like I said before, their service is ridiculous. Hope they're around for a while. I picked up some flannels in an order a while ago, one of the ones I wanted was sold out, so they linked me to others on the site that were still available, as well as taking pictures of other flannels that weren't on the site so I could choose. They also purchased all my items separately (about 10 things), so there was no sales tax, and they saved me a nice amount of money on that as well.
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fyi, all new york stores are out of size 29 waist pants, and XS (except for one or two ugly styles) suit jackets.
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how much does suddenlee cost to proxy?

edit: too lazy to proxy for friend shog[1].gif
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Hint: they have a website.
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i heard they can hold an item for you. is that true? Like not ship & charge to a preselected date.
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Can someone explain how suddenlee works with ordering Uniqlo (+J and items that are not shown in US website)?
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Going to proxy the Shawl Collar Knitted Jacket, just wondering how does it fit? I'm usually a XS in normal Uniqlo, would this be the same for +J? Or should I size up? Also what exactly is the difference in between brown and olive? Since on the site, they both seem pretty brown to me...

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