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couple Uniqlo questions:

can anyone comment on the corduroy jeans, as far as sizing? (or quality) Have a pair of regular fit jeans that I like except they are kind of baggy in the upper leg. Same deal for reg. fit cords? Just not sure if I'd like the slim fit ones...

and how is sizing on the knitwear/ cashmere v-neck? Uniqlo size S shirts fit fine, so would I want the same?

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Is there anyone in the UK who can proxy me this coat (to germany) http://shop.uniqlo.com/uk/goods/070449, size M in 08 Dark Gray?


Also what's the quality of the J+ knits like?

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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Anyone notice difference between the premium wool vs. tasmanian wool other than one is 100%? Talking about the pants mentioned above.

I've worked at Uniqlo full time for the last two years, but I only work there during the holidays now (I'm at University away from London) so you can ask me for imformation if you like.


The Premium Wool Flat Front Trousers and Jacket are made from Super 120s wool (we have info signs at the London Flagship where I work that state this). They do feel fine to the touch and quite smooth.


The Tasmanian Wool Flat Front Trousers and Jacket are made from Tasmanian merino: http://www.uniqlo.com/en/catalog/007.html They're a mid-weight wool flannel that is the right weight for year-round wear (although I do find they are a little warmer than the Premium Wool suits, and I own both - benefits of staff discount :D)

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well i ordered a pair of ZARA trousers to compare, material is polyester =\

But I am comparing how the two might wear for daily work like sitting down and up a lot. I am not sure if wool will be fine for this, and moving around a lot.

I was originally going to order another pair of tasmanian pants and premium wool. how would you say they wear day to day? like if i rotated 3 pairs of uniqlo wool pants through the week?

the premium wool is tempting seeing how it is super 120 (anymore information about that?).
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I personally thought the premium wool pants felt kinda cheap and thin but that may be my lack of experience thinking.
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just to give a thought or two. i luv my navy Tasmanian suit so much i think i ma buy another suit when i go down to NYC in two weeks. I would love to proxy and will post a proxy post when i go.
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i wouldn't mind another tas. suit in navy as well, but 1 atm will suit my needs.

job i'm at will not need suit everyday. more like tie+shirt+trousers

my only recommendation about the suit is find a good tailor!
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Does anyone in Seoul know how to get to the new Gangnam "mega store" via subway? Which exit should I take from the station?
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Anyone pick up the cotton or wool tapered trousers (+J)? Thoughts?
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Are the colors accurate on the +J shawl collar cardigan?


I've looked on a couple computers and the brown looks grey and the olive looks brownish. Do they still have it in the NYC store in medium in black or brown?

Do they still have the mountain parka in olive?


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Originally Posted by skitlets View Post

Anyone pick up the cotton or wool tapered trousers (+J)? Thoughts?

Have the wool. Nothing mindblowing, but the fit is pretty nice. I have toothpick legs so I couldn't quite fill them out. Up for sale if anyone wants.
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i would only get the black or olive +J shawl collar. brown looks washed out from the online photos
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The brown looks much better in person however, i doubt they have any left in SoHo. There will be more available when the 5th ave store opens this friday (10/14)
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I am so frickin jealous of the 5th Av store. Sure, we have 13 Uniqlos in London but still, that store outdoes any store we have here. The London Flagship is exactly half the size.



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cashmere sweaters on sale for $59.90 for NYC opening... presumably worth picking up a couple?
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