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I'm looking for a NY proxy for a some t's. PM me if interested.
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There is no hidden zipper this year. Just traditional duffle coat with just toggles.
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Hey, has anyone handled the "Japanese Engineered" denim at 9.90$? Also, can anyone tell me what colors do they have?? Thanks!
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^ could be wrong but i dont think it's out yet.
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Can anyone who has the Uniqlo Wool Peacoat comment on whether it is warm enough? I am from Singapore and I will be going to Sweden on exchange in Jan 2012. As we don't have winter here, I am unsure of whether the peacoat will be warm enough for winter. From what I found online, the average temperature lies somewhere between -5 to 10 degrees celcius.

Also, can I also have some opinions on the Heattech socks? I have bought myself quite a few pieces of the Heattech innerwear because I have heard plenty of good reviews about it. However, I am unsure of the efficacy of the Heattech socks.
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Bought the Grey Flannel (Straight) pants and the hidden placket shirt. Man the shirt fits really slim, had to size up and it was the last M in stock. I'm still on the fence about the tapered pants.
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Originally Posted by anonymouz View Post

Is this available in Soho yet? (shawl cardigan from the regular collection)

Hey I went to the store and tried out these today. I was a little disappointed. They are light for autumn, and the material feel a little cheap? The sliver colour is a bit weird, it is seems to got more black 'spots' than grey ones, so they're a bit darker than what you are expecting. and once again I am in between sizes... hmm
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Any proxies available? Need to get a tasmanian wool suit in med gray, dark gray, or navy
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you getting it as first suit or what? that button stance ffffuuuu.gif

other than that, just take it to a trust worthy tailor and get the properly fitted with alterations.

i am surprised those are not sold out though. gl

and here is mine for reference. getting the pants altered (3rd time) -- in hindsight, i paid WAY too much for uniqlo suit (post-alterations) :ugh:

I have to say it since no one will comment, but my pocket square is so WEAK
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Yea, first suit. I'm actually not sure if they're sold out yet though, just sort of hoping they aren't. I found some suits on sufu b&s in case they are though.
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The only bad thing about +J/Uniqlo suits is the button stance. Way too high. Would have prolly bought a couple already if not for the button stance.
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How Double breasted flannel suit fits compared to Tasmanian wool suit?
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are high button stances good or bad for short people?
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for everyone
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