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Originally Posted by jhwendland View Post

That's a pretty hyperbolically harsh statement. I snagged one of their lambswool crewneck sweaters a couple years ago, and although it obviously wasn't the finest piece of knitwear I've ever purchased, considering the price, it's quality was rather impressive.

Same here. Eight years and still going strong with only the slightest hole in the back of my cardigan in the same fabric. You can't even see the hole unless you put it up in the light. 

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And the Uniqlo U email announcement just hit my inbox while I was talking about lambswool.
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Tried an MA-1 (navy) from the U line here in Toronto since they had it about a week ago when the store opened. The fit is almost like the Alpha Industries one, so pretty classic. Shiny thick nylon and lined so mid-weight. Definitely traditional fit so slightly cropped and big arms and body. The regular line MA-1 has the added pocket, is a thinner material, and more like a slim modern fit with MA-1 styling (but not fit). Also, the regular MA-1 is about $50-60 and the U line one is about $90-100.

I'm fairly petite and don't go in for the fashion look so I'm going with the regular MA-1 not the U line version.
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Any thoughts on the wool pleated trousers?

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The wool pleated trousers felt pretty solid.  It feels like a thick cotton chino to me. It's suitable for a California winter, but not anything colder than that.

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Anyone Anyone try on the insulated shirt jacket? How Does It fit? Trying to decide between M or L
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Originally Posted by strangebrew View Post

Anyone Anyone try on the insulated shirt jacket? How Does It fit? Trying to decide between M or L

I would go TTS. I tried on most of the outerwear pieces and everything was TTS for me.  

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Damn the U women's MA-1 is sold out in XS and S already. Hope they restock it.
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Is it me or everything on the U line more relaxed than slim fitted? The pants, shirts and jackets look slightly oversized. I guess that's the trend for the new season
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I ordered one of the grey oxfords. I need more miscellaneous office wear.
As a Lemaire fanboy I still find it hard to buy this stuff, I don't know how you do it @gettoasty and @malcb33
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Personally I think of it as Uniqlo inspired by Lemaire, so I use it as beater wear.

Comparing it to real Lemaire is only going to leave you disappointed everytime. It's 1/8 of the price for a reason, so the build quality and materials are never going to be remotely close. It is a great way to gain more appreciation for mainline Lemaire and grow the brand, fans and stockists.
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Yeah. And we had this conversation before (looks like you don't need a proxy any more though 👍 ) but I bought sweaters and elasticated pants before and I was still left feeling like "why didn't I just spend more for the real thing?".
I suppose I understand the appeal and all, it just seems counterintuitive to me. Like the cream rib knit lambswool uniqlo U looks nice, but I own 3 of the mainline yak wool rib knits so there's no way I could wear it without comparing it and feeling underwhelmed.
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I'm only in for the pants and jeans.

Inexpensive forward facing pleated pants are hard to come back.

I;ve done my share of buying in bulk during the last couple of Uniqlo x Lemaire drops. Never again. Returning a huge box full of 20+ items at the store was shameful.
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Picked up the shirt jacket in olive, pretty impressed for the price. Good fall beater outerwear reminiscent of something like Aspesi or Isaora.


To those in NYC: 34th St had almost everything at around 12:30PM.

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Totally agreed. If you've handled or own mainline pieces before, the difference is very obvious.

I think a lot of people treat it as Lemaire on sale which is not even close to what the purpose of this collaboration.

Unfortunately I'm still close to 2k Miles away from the store and they aren't doing online sales in Canada until sometime in the new year.
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