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Originally Posted by ILikeBacon View Post

Here's a small album of shitty pictures:

Knit would have been better in a small.
I tried on both S and XS for the work jacket but other outerwear is all XS.
5'7 ~153lbs.

For the bomber, is the XS you tried your usual sizing or did you size down?
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For anybody who has bought or tried on the U Blocktech rain coat, what's the sizing like? If I'm looking for a Veilance type fit should I size down or go true?

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So i stopped by the Uniqlo next to my house (in Japan). And now there's like 4 bombers out now

1. The regular Nylon bomber

2. the Uniqlo U bomber

3. the Uniqlo U down bomber

4. The fake suede bomber


the suede one is new and just came out. 3 colors, black, dark brown and tan. Wish they had navy.

They are a lot puffier than the initial pics. I thought it would be a thin, light bomber like my Zara suedette bomber

Prefer the silhouette of the Zara, but it is missing the arm pocket of the Uniqlo. I also think the Uniqlo one will likely last longer (although the Zara one hasn't had any problems yet. very surprisingly)


Now that everyone has a bomber these days.  Been thinking of getting Uniqlo's denim jacket instead. What do you guys think? bombers or denim jacket?

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You've got a picture of the Uniqlo U down bomber? I haven't seen it in online.
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its pretty ugly. a lot worse from the one last year


MEN ウルトラライトダウンコンパクトジャケット


last year


Image result for uniqlo ultra light down bomber

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Oh, that one. Yeah I'm not a fan. Wasn't last year's quilted diamond pattern one part of the regular line?

What did you think of the Uniqlo U bomber? Fabric, fit, and overall quality compared to the regular nylon bomber?

Did any of the Uniqlo U stuff stand out to you?

It depends on whether the bomber or denim jacket fits in your overall wardrobe. I'd try on the denim jacket in person though.

The US sized denim jacket was a bit too baggy in the sleeves for me.
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I got last year's quilted diamond down jacket, it was part of the regular line.

Pretty good piece, I wear it often.
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I checked out the Uniqlo store today, my first time being in one. People are still lining up just to get in, but the wait wasn't too long (about 5 minutes). My impressions:

- Uniqlo U is pretty disappointing. I tried on the chesterfield, the one piece I most wanted from the collection, but as others have noted, the quality sucks. It was like felt, and half lined. I suppose it would be fine in the Spring, or if you live a warmer climate, but for a Toronto winter it would be completely useless. If you're looking for an overcoat from Uniqlo, you're better of with their main line, which seemed to be better quality, and were at least fully lined, at the same price.

- The work jacket fit a bit weird. The sleeves were too long, and I'm not crazy about unlined jackets. Actually, most of the stuff in Uniqlo felt a size too big. I tried a small in the chesterfield, when normally I'd take a medium. You'll want to size down.

- I didn't try on the lambswool sweaters, but they had kind of an acrylic feel to them. I wasn't crazy about them, and they weren't so nice that you couldn't find something of similar quality, somewhere else.

- I think the best bets from this collection are probably the MA-1, and cashmere blend sweaters. The wool blazer was okay, but the wool also felt pretty thin.

Honestly, if you're hoping to do Lemaire on a budget you're probably better off with COS, or maybe even Oak + Fort.

- As for the rest of the store, pretty underwhelming. Maybe because it's been so hyped here for so long, but save for a few items, the quality didn't feel that much better than H&M, which at least tends to put out cooler items. I mean, the quality might be better at Uniqlo, but it's only slightly better. Maybe it''s best days are behind it?
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On that note - Toronto/Vancouver people, what's the deal with Oak + Fort? It looks like a blatant Lemaire knock-off and at those prices I can only imagine how fast the clothes fall apart - what's the verdict? Worth it for basics? Do they have the occasional standout piece? Some of the cuts on the jackets look nice but I'm wondering if they're Zara level or are actually hidden gems.




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I was in there over the weekend, hoping to get a look at the hand made coat. I didn't try it on, but it felt cheap to the touch, unfortunately.

So, I'd say it be closer to Zara quality. A lot of poly blends.
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DC folks, Uniqlo is opening in Tysons Corner this month.
a 10,500-square-foot Uniqlo is set to open at Tysons Corner Center on October 28. And yes, that’s October 28, 2016.
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Can anyone speak to the current supima cotton crewneck t-shirts? I'm been searching for decent crewnecks just to wear on their own without an undershirt or button-down over them (the regular crewnecks show mah nips).

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Anyone have comments on the Uniqlo U t-shirts and how they compare to the Lemaire Uniqlo tees last season? I was pretty happy with the quality and fit of those Lemaire tees and should have bought more.
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I think the tees from last season look much better than the current (judging from photos).


Received the Uniqlo U wool pleated pants - I like them. The fabric is a little thin, but has a nice look.


Can highly recommend the soft touch mock neck longsleeve tees from the regular Uniqlo collection. Super soft, decent weight fabric and fits well. Just note that some colours are 100% cotton while others are 60% cot/40% poly.

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the U Tee is more of a oversized boxy fit while the Lemaire Tee from last season is of a slimmer fit

anyway they are different, so can't really compare, one is U, one is Lemaire.
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