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i was really looking forward to buying the camel chesterfield this year, but your reply worries me. does anyone have any fit pics from this season or opinions ? does it really run down to the knee now ? mid thigh is what i'd be interested in. i'm 5'10 if that matters and 165. would a medium be good or would a small fit better ?

hopefully someone will be able to put up some actual pics as i don't have any uniqlo's near me and would have to order online.
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^ I'm 5'7 and tried on the Medium Chesterfield from this season. It went past my knees.


Fabric seems a bit thinner than previous seasons too.

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This collection is so boring i fell asleep while going through it. Also, those mittens will make your hands look like dinner rolls.
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Lemaire"s Uniqlo U:

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I've been looking to get a pair of black stretch selvedge denim, because I accidentally hemmed my other pair a little too short. Can anyone give any details on how their slim selvedge denim fits? I have larger glutes and quads, but i still like slim fitting jeans, just not skin tight. I wear about a size 33 on Japan blues Hi-Taper fit. I wear size 34 in unbrandeds UB-455 fit. Or if anyone knew of measurement chart, that would be awesome.



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I squat and have been wearing Miracle Air skinny fits for the past half a year. The thigh measurements on the website are correct.

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I didn't even realize that uniqlo had measurements for their pants on the website
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^ @Phrost

Agreed on the Uniqlo Chesterfields. They definitely increased the front/back length of the coats this season. If they kept the length to mid-thigh, I'd consider grabbing one.

Sorry to hear about the GAP bomber. What about the fabric didn't you like?

I can't fully describe it, but the fabric has a texture and "dry" hand feel that I didn't like. I know that real MA-1's are synthetic nylon, but the difference between the Gap one and the Women's Uniqlo MA-1 felt like night and day.

The fabric on the Gap bomber reminded me of the Uniqlo Mountain Parkas, but with a stiff and dry hand, if that makes sense.

The Uniqlo U Lemaire MA-1 looks promising, but I do miss the zipper placket and pen pocket. I'm not a huge fan of the flap pockets either. I'm curious to check it out in person to see if it's made out of a shiny satin or textured nylon, like the mainline women's MA-1.

I think I'm going to keep the Men's Uniqlo MA-1. The fabric isn't as good as the women's but the fit is pretty good, slightly cropped and puffy, especially when worn with layers. It feels like it's going to be pretty warm for the cooler months ahead.
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I squat and have been wearing Miracle Air skinny fits for the past half a year. The thigh measurements on the website are correct.

Any fit pic?
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I like that the Uniqlo U fit with the red blouson and red jeans. Might order that.


These BlockTech parkas are a pretty good deal at their sale price. Wore it in the rain a few times and it held up well. It's quite light and breathable.

Issues are I'd like a two-way main zipper and the design of the hood is terrible compared to other brands (the shape is cool when worn down but really awkward when worn up, it needs an internal cord to keep it tight around your head during a storm and the collar has poor rigidity to stay up straight for how high it is).


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thanks for the review, I've been thinking about picking one up. Did you go TTS?

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I sized down from the size I usually get for Uniqlo casual outerwear. This jacket is more athletically cut.

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Was really digging this knit until I saw it was 85% acrylic :foo:



Cashmere blend Chesterfields are on the site.  Texture looks cool; a little hairy.


Also just a guess, but is are these Lemaire's mainline?  Very reminiscent of some pieces in the previous collabs.


The square thread holes on the buttons also feel like an indicator on this one:




Is this sweater still up on the Uniqlo website? I can't find it.

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anyone know if/when these shirts will be available in other countries?

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By the way, ended up really liking the waffle henleys, ended up getting two more.


Might get the flannel joggers and maybe some lounge pants too.

Some nice women's wear right now, was shopping with my partner.

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