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Has anyone bought their shorts? Don't tend to wear shorts that much so can't really justify spending a whole lot on them. Spotted the Lemaire chino ones earlier.


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Further reductions on the UK website. Many deals to be had across the whole collection (e.g. Blouson is down from 99.90 to 39.90; Parka down to 59.90). I got the chino shorts at 19.90 but that's since gone down to 14.90, so I've re-ordered them and will be returning the previous purchase. Seems to have a full size run for many items too.


Edit: I should've posted this in the Uniqlo-Lemaire thread. Apologies. But in case it isn't clear, I am talking about the collection. Cheers.

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Originally Posted by Rais View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Uniqlo x Lemaire was on the sale rack in Sydney. Got the chambray pants and blouson; sister got the cape and short pants. The chambray is much more comfortable than the cotton twill and drapes better.

can you expound a little bit on the comfort level on the cotton twill suit? thinking about doing it now that it'd be like 80 usd total. is it just that the chambray is more comfortable, or is the twill actually uncomfortable?
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Ah it's just that it's disgustingly hot and humid here and the chambray is very thin, soft and is more breathable. The twill is not uncomfortable but it's a bit stiff due to its thickness so it does not drape as well as the chambray either. If you want something for the summer and it gets over 30C where you live, then I'd recommend to try the seersucker (I tried the black blazer on, but they didn't have the pants in my size so I passed on it) or the chambray.

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I have a few, mostly their linen ones and their easy short pants (I don't know what they call it in the US, but in Japan, it's kind of like sweat shorts).


the Sweatshorts pile fast.

One linen short in navy, the crotch area got discolored fast and is a light blue

another linen short seemed totally fine.


I'm going to be totally honest. I buy a lot of Uniqlo, but it seems that lately, my H&M stuff are holding up better.. yes H&M (not the divided line, but the regular one). However I'm still buying Uniqlo because its cheap. Today i just snagged another pair of floral print shorts that were on sale for 790 yen (probably left overs from last year). Other similar stuff in other stores here in Japan are asking for like 4000 yen.

It might wear out fast, but I can still buy like 4-5 of them for the same price.

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Originally Posted by boozwah View Post

The stretch selvedge slim fit jeans are really good. So comfortable and the fit is spot on. Nice and roomy in the thighs with a taper that isn't too strong. I don't know why I ever buy designer jeans when these are just $50. I'm guessing the raw stretch selvedge denim won't fade a ton, but these are so much more comfortable than my APCs.

Yea... I quit wearing other denim after finding these, which includes a couple pairs of APCs collecting dust.
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Did everybody stop liking Uniqlo and flip over to some other competitive brand I am not aware of? This thread used to be super active.
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^ Nah, Uniqlo just hasn't been releasing anything noteworthy as of late.


The basics are still the bee's knees: tees, socks, etc.

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their 'new' releases are just re-hash of the prior season

from the linen shirts to oxford shirts to chinos, same old stuff, nothing new....wonder if they even recycle the old unsold stocks/materials from the previous seasons
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Uniqlo dry stretch pants are real nice, dry, crisp and really light.
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I will probably buy a t-shirt or two 

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Anyone have any tips for deep cleaning white airism undershirts and turning them white again? I soaked them in an oxiclean competitor for a few hours, washed them, then washed them again wit a bit of vinegar. They are clean but turned light grey instead of white.
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^ Tough news. Maybe they were too hasty with expansion?

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