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Originally Posted by noob View Post

I'd really love to grab myself a charcoal-marbled sweat-balzer.


schweaty balzers! grab one. 

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You mean blazers?
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ULD "cardigan."



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That is amazing, much like the stuff japanese brands like north face purple label, nanamica, sasquatchfabrix, etc have been putting out.
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Originally Posted by nineohtoo View Post

I tried the black raws on earlier on my lunch break. They fit pretty much like the regular slim fit straights in the same size(at least my S-001s). Not bad for fifty bucks if they fit you/or you like the fit, but if you're small like me and want something with minimal hip flare and a nice taper, this might not do it for you. I'd rather pay nearly four times as much for APCs since I'd likely need a 27 to get the fit I want from Uniqlo :\ (I wear new standards in a 26).

And because someone asked, the new denim shirt, at least after a cold wash, fits like the model photos on the website.


Which store did you find them in? I could've sworn I didn't see any when I was there earlier.

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^^^Union Square store had them on the first floor before the staircase and by the fitting rooms.
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I saw that table but there wasn't any black selvedge. Jeans on the back of the table were different from the front I think.

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How are the new slim sweatpants looking/fitting?
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look comfy.
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Uniqlo makes some damn good stuff for just chillin around the house. I just wish that shit would last longer, you get a year out of them if you're lucky. I know it's cheap stuff, but I like my stuff to last longer just because I hate buying clothes often.
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Got the linen pants and stretch jeans. Stretch jeans look fine and are unbelievable comfortable. Linen pants are pretty weak.
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Anyone have any experience with the new ocbd collar?
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ocbd collars on the slim fits don't seem to have changed at all
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The US finally has some plain white spread collar shirts(and for some reason black instead of blue) for those who need them for work on the cheap. It's the same thin fabric that's been used on the previous and current slim fit point and button down collars. I actually prefer this fabric compared to the thicker ones on the spread collar easy care shirts that were in the UK and Asian markets because those seem to stain around the neck and cuffs a lot easier and because this feels noticeably more breathable under a suit. Anyways, I generally wear their regular shirts and tees in XS and slim fit shirts in S, and got this in a small, which I had cleared out at the Union Square store :x

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