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chet, they look better on you than me including sleeves but stand up collar was worse in person to me just overall feel wise but up to you, it's only 40 bux
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Went to the new Uniqlo store at Valley Fair mall. They didn't have the camouflage flannel and only had a couple of the purple blackwatch flannels.

Saw the patchwork flannel that Jet had and it looked great on him but didn't look as good in person. I think it's the green collar that ruined it for me. Too many colors. Got the greyish patchwork flannel.
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^How big is that store and the selection? Does it seem to attract a lot of crowds?

This means no more running to SF for me happy.gif
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anyone try the stretch down jacket? think that might just by my next outdoor smoking jacket
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

^How big is that store and the selection? Does it seem to attract a lot of crowds?

This means no more running to SF for me happy.gif

The store isn't as big as the SF store. It is a single floor (on the 2nd floor of the mall between Vans and Nordstrom) and size wise it is smaller than the main level of the Uniqlo in SF. There were a good amount of people inside.

I didn't take a look at everything as I went in to exchange the flannel I had that was stitched slanted. They were cool about it. Selection wasn't bad but didn't look through. I saw a bunch of fleece jackets, their jeans, outerwear like peacoats, heat teach, and their socks/underwear/tee section.
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Had no idea that VF had a new Uniqlo. Anyone see the 4-way coat there?
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Scooped up a couple of the flannels and am pleased. They're pretty decent beaters for the weekend.
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Wore the stand-up collar cardigan today. Thing is pilling like crazy already. Had to buy a lint roller to get all the fuzz off my backpack. Terrible. Wouldn't even be wearable again if the mottled colors didn't mask the fuzziness. Lesson learned.
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Any coupons?
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Any suggestions on who to contact for a Uniqlo U.S. webstore proxy? Really debating the 4way as my winter parka this year, need to get it shipped to Toronto.

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RKD just proxied a Uniqlo blazer for me, would definitely recommend. Rirawin also offers a free proxy service from the UK (which, in my experience, has cheaper shipping to Canada than the US does these days), but he's away until the 20th and I'm guessing you'd want a winter coat before then...

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I could proxy. I was looking to pick up some cheaper basics stuff that wouldn't hit the free shipping threshold so the 4way would help me get that =p. PM me.
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i was thinking about getting the heattech down vest is it bulky or slim compared to regular down vests?
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How does this look in person?

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I saw that at the mall yesterday, I would not get it, looks very shiny in real life.

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