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was curious about what style of tuxedo you guys own, for those of you who do. also, not really sure what vest to put with my tux, as it is a black, 1 button, peak lapels, but there is a micro-grid pattern woven into the super 150s wool. suggestions?
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My new, "main" tuxedo is a Dior Homme one button peak lapel. I also have a Rive Droite one button shawl collar wool/mohair tux; a vintage Jhane Barnes two-on-one double-breasted tux with a unique variation on the peak lapel; a wild Issey Miyake tux jacket/vest"”that is, the front is of a two-button single breasted notch lapel jacket, but it has no sleeves and a vest-type back (for informal formal occasions? for really hot black tie events?); and a bizarre single-button wide peak lapel Matsuda tux jacket with black velveteen "fur" on the lapels and lining the cuffs, which makes more sense with jeans than as formalwear. You don't have to limit yourself to one vest. If you need to start with one, though, the usual thing these days is some sort of small black and silver geometric pattern, medium high so the "v" falls about halfway between the jacket button and the collar. That, and a plain black bowtie, and you're set.
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I have two, or three depending on if you mean all formalwear by "tuxedo". The one I wear most often is a black 6x2 DB deal by Valentino Boutique in a merino-mohair blend. I also have a black unvented three-button notch-lapel dinner jacket by Alfred Dunhill in Super 120s wool. As you can guess, it's pretty much just a standard British-cut suit but with besom pockets and satin lapel-facings. I got a killer deal on it, but I really only wear it on those rare occasions where I have two consecutive black-tie events, or if my Valentino one is dirty. The third is a midnite blue formal tail-coat made for me by the Viennese firm Knize. (Midnite blue looks "blacker than black" in artificial light. I had this made for, and wore it to, the Opernball. As to vest, you can go wild or conservative, depending on the event. A safe bet is to match your date's dress. Peace, JG
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Joe, my mouth waters at the very mention of Knize. wow. how did you manage to pick up such a great piece? my tuxedo, a G. Isaia super 150s, is a little bit more lightweight than i would like, but still important piece of my wardrobe. i bought a new and lingwood marcella formal shirt, and was lucky enough to find two Budd Shirtmaker black, size 16" bowties on a website before it shut down. right now, i wear the tux with a white pique cotton vest, low cut in front. think i will look into a black vest of some type, but not big on the patterns/ dots. maybe i can find something by RL purple label. surprised those who have posted have more than one tuxedo. i have been sorely tempted to pick up another, but have enough of a time finding occasions to wear my existing tux.
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Joe, my mouth waters at the very mention of Knize.  wow.  how did you manage to pick up such a great piece?  
Well, I lived within almost walking distance of them for a while, and I needed something in which to look presentable with my girlfriend at Vienna's annual Opernball. I'd had them make me a suit previously, and it's spectacular. It has a back-sized circular cutout in the back of the lining, so despite all of the extra stuff it was cool enough to Wiener waltz until we got dizzy. Your Isaia sounds wonderful. As for being too lightweight, I'm not sure how that can be. When I think of wearing a dinner jacket, I think of a night of dancing that lasts until you share breakfast at a good hotel. For me, not overheating in a dinner jacket is far more serious than being a bit cool when the night begins. Peace, JG
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