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Carolina Herrera Wingtip

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Hi guys, I just got a pair of wingtip from Carolina Herrera. Do you guys know by any chance who is the shoemaker? It's made in spain. And last but not least, what do you guys think of this pair? I'm still a noob, so please be nice

Thanks guys
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Not sure what you paid, but its a decent enough looking shoe. Probably nobody will know who made them, but probably in house or something local, not one of the big names.
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I never bought anything from CH but they always looked to me as vastly overpriced items (not shoes, clothing in general) On a probably totally different tangent have any of you experienced the Spanish shoe brand called George's. I heard good things when compared with the more famous Magnanni but have no experience
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@spoopoker: Thanks for your reply spoo. I paid half price for the shoe, so it's not that bad. @countbaron: Actually it was my first time being at the CH store too, and I saw this pair of wingtip half price, that's why I got it.
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Please excuse the late bump.

Lottusse makes the majority of the CH labeled shoes. They retail for around 300-350. Quality is similar to the Loake labeled stuff for Tyrwhitt. Goodyear welted, mediore leather uppers, etc. They arent fantastic shoes but very serviceable at under 150.
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Lottusse used to make goodyear shoes for Carolina Herrera. However the last time I entered into a CH the shoes were not made by Lottusse.

Lottuse as well as Loake have several lines and manufactures in different places. Their top of the line, Lottusse Selection is made in their factory in Mallorca and is the only goodyear welted shoe they make now. They quality is far better than Loake 1880 (top of the range for Loake and also goodyear but made in UK)

I don't think you can't compare George's shoes with Magnanni. Magnanni only manufactures sachetto shoes and his lasts are very italian . Georges makes a goodyear + sachetto shoes and his lasts are more English (short and rounded) Maganni retails at EUR 185 and George's at EUR 225.
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