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Donegal in Donegal?

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Has anyone purchased Donegal tweed in Donegal?

I'm going to be there for a few days this fall, and wondered if there were any mills or hand-loomers who sold yardage to the public.
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The Donegal Tweed industry is in a bit of a sorry state with knitwear being much bigger than tweed these days. There are still a few places worth a visit though -

John Molloy in Ardara -

Studio Donegal in Kilcar -

The Studio Donegal people are really cool, spent a few happy hours with them last year.

Both of these will point you in other directions too. Kilcar and Ardara are stunning places as is Glencolumbkille just up the road. That part of Donegal is my favourite part of Ireland.

Also if you like eccentric places to stay the Green Gate B&B in Ardara is an experience. Run by a crazy old Frenchman, it's like nowhere else I've ever stayed. Beware though he's very wary of Americans!
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Wonderful, RG, thanks so much.
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Bumping an old thread.

I'm headed to Ireland in a couple of weeks. Besides Donegal, what else in Ireland is of interest from a MC perspective. I'll be in Dublin for a few days, then off with no real itinerary.
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MC = ?

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Men's Clothing^
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Facepalm. Sorry - should have guessed.


If I recall correctly, there are a couple places in Galway city worth visiting. And of course the Aran Islands are as extraordinary as the sweaters they produce.


If you're an equestrian, you can find great hunting pinks, hacking jackets and boots.


Not sure what else.

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Thanks for the reply. Any more info on the spots in Galway? Clothing stores?

And yes, Aran islands!
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Galway is full of tourist traps looking to take your dollars but you have check out Inismeain on the Aran Islands -
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I was last in Galway in 2008 and can't recall the names of the shops. While there were certainly tourist traps, I recall at least a couple of places that catered to locals and high-end guests. There also used to be a few good places doing interesting tweeds out in Connemara and along the N59 to Clifden, and along the coast road in the same direction (in Roundstone, if I recall correctly). 


Sorry I can't be more specific. It's been a while.

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Oh, and if you drive up into Connemara and find I'm wrong, the scenery should be some solace. It's a beautiful area.

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If you find yourself in Carrickfergus, you may want to check this shop out:
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Good call on Roundstone and general area. There's also Avoca in Letterfrack and O'Maille in Galway city
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Semi-related - the first thing I had made from fabric I bought at Molloy & Sons.
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Thanks all!!

Great SC Jesse
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