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Originally Posted by juklano View Post
How about their suits for everyday use?

Perhaps overdoing it then if worn daily.

I'd wear it 2-3 times monthly.
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I've never bought a suit from them, but I've really learned to love their shirts, actually. I could probably wear the white 80's 2-ply oxford in trim fit with the windsor collar and french cuffs every day and be content. I don't know why, but it just fits me very well. Some of the other collars are bad. Really bad. The construction on the traditional point collar leaves a lot to be desired. The windsor is great. As fabrics go, I find the broadcloth is difficult, but love the oxford. And they're cheap.
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Personally I think that their shirt provide an excellent value when you can find them on sale. I would recommend you going with their trim fit because otherwise the shirts will fit like a tent. But as far a quality the shirting fabric is decent and they feature single needle tailoring, split back yoke, etc... I would gauge their shirts as being higher quality than Jos A Bank but below Brooks Brothers. I usually catch their shirts on sale and pay between $19.99 and $29.99. As a side note, their customer service is superb from my experience.
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I purchased four of their suits -- like NewYorkBuck said, that was pre-SF -- but not too long ago. I needed some new suits quickly and liked the lapelled vest, as you do. Since they are inexpensive, and they accept returns easily, why not go ahead and order anything that interests you and return what you don't like? Which is not to say I recommend them. I found the fabric type, for example, varies widely even on suits in the same range. So you might like the fabric on the charcoal suit but not the fabric for the "same" suit in navy. At any rate, they the pants are somewhat high-waisted compared to the norm, and the shoulders a bit more padded. I did take everything that I kept to a tailor -- I needed them to take in the waist on the suit jackets, take in the vests, and to significantly slim the pant legs. Not long after that, I realized I could get Brooks Brothers on Ebay for not much more money, and now I hardly ever wear a Paul Frederick suit. So my adventure with Paul Frederick was, more or less, a waste of time and money.
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I ended up buying this sportcoat for USD 90.

The description in PF site says
"Tailored of our premium blend of 55% Italian silk/45% Italian wool for year-round comfort. Classic pattern with burgundy, olive and taupe color tones. Two button closure, notch lapel with side vents. Two flap pockets. Fully lined. Imported. "

A decent deal for a beater I hope.
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I bought my first 2 shirts from PF about a year ago, when they had their summer clearance. One windowpane and one blue and white 100s. I wish I new about this board then.

Overall not bad, but neither one of those shirts will last long term for me.
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I thrifted a nwot Paul Fredrick (trim fit) shirt the other day, might be he slimmest shirt I own, way slimmer than BB slim fit.
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I recently purchased a sports coat from them.Quality is pretty solid.

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After having it from some time quality is average. I wouldn't buy it again though.I really just bought it because I liked the color.Design is basic.Same fit as JAB.Nothing fancy. After a tailoring job in didn't come out too bad.

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Just received some PF trim fit shirts.  The fit is okay, a little weird in the shoulder blade, but okay.  The patterns I really like.  Some (which I didn't buy) are too busy for me, but they have many patterns I've not seen elsewhere that really caught my eye.  However, the material is garbage.  The cotton is very thin, laughably so.  I compared it to my Jos A. Banks traveler shirts and decided to return the PF shirts -- the Jos A. Bank shirts are made of much more substantial cotton and have a nicer look and feel to them (they were also less expensive despite both having been bought on sale).  I will not be purchasing PF shirts in the future unless the company goes out of its way to increase the weight of the cotton it uses.

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I had a few PF shirts. Not great shirts, even for the price. I still wear them but won't buy more. For cheap, Lands End on sale is probably better quality.

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^^^ This. The shirts are fine, generally speaking. Their slim fit is slimmer than most OTR american shirts, but they're not particularly slim. I also find the armholes to be sort of weird feeling -- almost like they're not high enough for the arm diameter or something. It's hard to describe. 


For budget shirts online, I prefer Charles Tyrwhitt or (better) TM Lewin. They're a little more expensive but generally in the same price range. The fabric and build quality is superior to PF in my opinion, not to mention the different ranges of fit. 


Still, if one just wants a classic white button down that is bound to get sweaty and gross in the hot Southern Summer, the "introductory" deal on PF's classic white pinpoints (free embroidering) is tough to beat.They do shrink up a bit in the sleeves if you dry them, though.

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