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4 New Drake's Ties

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From left to right Navy repp silk 7 cm 60 GBP inc. shipping (SOLD) Navy 100% cashmere 8 cm 70 GBP inc. shipping (SOLD) Silk tussah in 7 cm untipped sugarbag blue 65 GBP inc. shipping (SOLD) Silk tussah in 7 cm untipped natural 65 GBP inc. shipping DROPPED to 50 GBP. (SOLD) All are new w. tags Shipping is to anywhere; payment is by Paypal; no holds; this is first to pay 'wins'.
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So tempting to take all 4.....
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ugh. resist.
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Finally some slubby silk ties. MINE! PM sent.
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hey guyver, maybe I should have held out for these Drakes ones!! Maybe I won the battle over the last set, but perhaps you've won the war in getting very nice slubby silks. I hope you got these ones...
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Hey Beav, I only got the blue one cause I'm trying to save some $$, the natural colour one is still up for grab, maybe you could consider that. If you do, I suspect we'll be the only 2 people on the whole freaking island who wear Drakes lol
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Natural tussah dropped to 55 GBP.
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Now 50 GBP
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