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FIT is KING: find and list all SHOEs, SUITs, and SPORTCOATs in SF  

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Connecting Buyers an Sellers The Right Way
Update #1 (6/2/2011): Introduction B&S is wonderful. But it is also a pain sometimes, isn't it? For buyers:
  • Can't find your item since short queries (like "9D", "EG", "40S", etc.,) are not allowed?
  • Even if you find a sale thread that has your item, the item is sold out already?
  • Didn't log in SF for a couple of days, and now you're lost among hundreds of new sale threads?
  • Not sure how a suit/jacket fit you since no measurement is provided, and tag size is useless?
  • ...
For sellers:
  • Have to find a strategic time to list your item so that it has the highest exposure on the front page?
  • After dropping off from the front page, your item is now viewed by less than a dozen a day?
  • Can't price drop to bump anymore since it's rock bottom already?
  • ...
What do I have to offer? I have been on both sides of the isles and experienced both. And so, I have developed this to help everyone. It's a website that categories all shoes, suits and jackets in a way that can be browsed: Other categories maybe added later, but for now, just shoes, suits and jacket. The site is quite self-explanatory, but this is the main idea: Buyers: Go to the site FIT is KING, and you can browse for your items. Sellers: If you are listing shoes, suits or jackets here in B&S, go to the site, add your listing there, and it will be viewed by many. A Couple of Things to be Noted
  • This is a non-profit/personal-project website that exclusively serves StyleForum members. Funding is currently from my own pocket. It's my way of thanking the community. I hope that people find it useful.
  • To keep everything up to speed, I have taken my own liberty to submit a lot of links to our B&S forum. But sellers, start posting your listing. If I see any duplication, I will remove my listing.
  • The development of this site will be determined by SF members, give me feedback, I DO look into them, it may takes time to implement, since this is outside of my main job.
  • It's in the very early stage, so there will be flaws. Again let me know if you see any flaw, would be really appreciated.
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Wow! That is very useful. Since you're not going to start selling ad space or otherwise monetizing it, hopefully the powers that be will approve.
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fan-fucking-tastic! I tried to do something similar with Yahoo pipes recently but eventually gave up. How did you do it?
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This is AMAZING. So much easier to search with than vB's own search function. Thank you onix! And thanks for already including the RLPL suit I'm currently selling! Mods: please, please sticky! Suggestion: include the ability to add/search by the tagged size to the database (at least for NWT items, but I think it's fair to add it to all listings), so buyers can search with that, if they know their size in the brand. EDIT - I see from your own edit that you'll consider this in the next release; thanks! I also agree with those suggesting you post your paypal address or set up a link to it on the fitisking site, so when we can send a small something your way by way of thanks, esp. when listing a new item.
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Wow - great job - I'd be happy to foot the sticky costs for the first month if the mods approve...
Just send me a bill!
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Originally Posted by DerekS View Post

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Really nice work. Thanks for this.
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Can we just add this to one of the functions of SF, because buying stuff via looking through 30 threads where half the titles don't even say a size or color is really tiresome.
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Awesome! FYI, The drop down boxes work but you're missing the "Sleeve Length" text.
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Awesome! Thanks very much for this

suggestion: The gray space on the right of the screen (may not be formatted on other's screens this way) could be filled by a sample picture from the seller.

Another Suggestion: 25 result maximum per page

Edit- Third suggestion: Ties sorted by size, color, designer, and pattern type
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This should indeed be a sticky. Very nice work, thanks
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Awesome, very nice work. Clean design. Like it!
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