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Cooper Brand Leather Goods

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Hey there, my name is Glenn Cooper. I'm a Boston based leathercrafter. I produce all of my goods 100% by hand, even down to handsewing every stitch on my bags and wallets. Rivets are handset, everything is cut and finished by hand. My pieces are made standard with solid brass buckles, solid copper rivets and top of the line waxed linen thread. I specialize in bags, having chosen not to go the route of making japanese style wallets like many of our forum leathercrafters. I can make just about any style of bag in any finish, using either hand-dyed vegetable tan or oil tanned leather. Most bags will be made to order. I may do sample sales at some point. Please keep in mind when purchasing something custom made that other orders are coming in from other forums and sources. Allow up to a month to receive your piece, depending on complexity. My pricing on here is BELOW RETAIL. In fact, I'm selling you guys my pieces at wholesale price, in store these go for a good margin more money. Prices will be determined based on additional features on custom bags, but I'll provide a few examples of bags that are ready-priced and ready to be made and shipped. ALL PRICES ARE SHIPPED WITHIN USA Mail Bag Mailbags are available in any size, the first one being 12x13x6, the second 16x12x6. Prices for mailbags start at $230 shipped (10x10x5, one compartment)]. Price varies/increases based on size and options. The first bag would be $280 shipped, the second $500 (It has two internal pockets) Mailbags feature reversed seams, strap reinforced bag opening and a classic, timeless design. You can add pockets inside. but be aware that stitching will be visible on outside. Also, you can add a small matching coin pouch or accessory pouch for $45. $45 is for a 4x4x1 pouch, price will vary based on size. Pouch is $50 if purchased separately Satchels Satchels start at $200shipped. (10x10x3, one compartment) Prices will increase based on size and options. Satchels can feature added pockets inside, added compartments, multiple straps on front, or outside pockets. For example: Price depends mostly on features added. Custom Bags Really, just about anything is possible. Show me a design and I'll see if I can make it work! Belts I also make belts, using 10-12oz saddle skirting leather. Belts feature solid brass buckles and a standard width of 1.5 inches. Wider or thinner belts are available on request, in addition to other styles of belt buckles. Standard belts as pictured are $55 shipped in any color Wallets I make simple billfolds with six card slots and a bill slot. Available with cowhide or horsehide for an upcharge. $75 for cow, $85 for horse inquire for custom wallets Wristbands are also available. Single wraps are 20 shipped, doubles are 25. Leather Options: Vegetable Tanned I use high quality vegetable tanned leather, handselected for beautiful grain. I choose to handselect pieces with interesting grain and some aesthetic range marks, because I love the beauty of natural looking, interesting leather grains. I can purchase leather without any visible marks by request. Vegetable tanned leather can be dyed to almost any color, depending on what I can acquire for dyes. In addition, I can do washed leather bags to soften and somewhat break the leather in if you prefer a more rugged look. (Washed and dyed vegetable tanned leather) Bag are produced using mid-weight 4-5oz leather. Higher weights are available on request. All straps are made with 10-12oz leather. Oil Tanned Leather (The same exact stuff Saddleback uses actually) is also available. Pricing for oil tan is the same as vegetable tanned leather. It ages differently, gaining a more distinct patina but not changing color as much as vegetable tan. This cannot be dyed, it's available to me in usually four different colors. dark tan, dark brown, burgundy and black. Horween: I can special order horween leather, but it will come at a significant upcharge. The best way for me (and you) to do a horween bag, is to arrange a group buy. That way, once I get at least 300 sq ft, the price per square foot drops and I dont need to upcharge as much. Please be aware that buying horween adds a lead time, they dont keep stock and the leather needs to be made to order Shipping and Discounts Shipping will always be included in the price for USA customers. If outside of USA, please inquire. Multiple piece orders will receive shipping discounts. Referrals that lead to sales will also incur a discount of %10 of what your referral orders. I'll keep track of any referrals for you, make sure your name is mentioned when purchasing. PM me or ask on this thread if you have any questions or inquiries on making yourself a top quality leather bag. Inquire for my paypal address! Please do not send payment without first inquiring on your piece and getting a hard quote from me. Thank you!
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im not sure if you have asked the mods here to post your sales thread as i think you need to pay some money. nice stuff though.
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I send the mod an email, thanks for the notice!
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Added many pieces to the OP, reopened thread because I re-read the rules.
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Everything looks great, good luck on your business.
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Super Cheap Sample Sale! all prices include shipping in the US. This picture is most true to color for all bags, individual pictures are a little off. 1) 15x12x4 Messenger.Vegetable tanned leather, 5-6 oz front and back, middle piece is 3-4oz. No internal compartments, two buckle closure (vintage buckles). Brass dees. Washed, hand dyed, oiled veg tan leather with a beautiful complex brown finish. Very unique, fine grain pebbling from wash. 250- $OLD 2) 15x9x4 military-style bag. Oil tanned leather This bag would be great for a photographer or netbook-user. The side pockets are large enough to fit bottles of water for someone who's going camping or taking a city excursion. Made with rugged oil tanned leather, veg tan saddle skirting straps. No internal compartments. 325-$old 3) 13x12x6 mail-bag., no internal compartments. 5-6oz veg tan throughout This one was used by me in its natural state for about a month, before I decided to use it as a guinea pig for some washing and dyeing. The dye and wash came out well, so I'm deciding to sell it. Since it's used, this is dirt cheap. There's no visible wear at all. 260 new $SOLD 4) Horsehide Billfold wallet 6 card slots, one bill slot. 6oz horsehide shell, 5oz cowhide interior. Beautiful piece that should sell for more, but 90-Sold! 5)Mail Bag 16x12x6 mail bag, 2 internal pockets. Made for wilderness workshop in boston, but I'm tired of waiting to hear back from them. Their loss is your gain! This bag is seriously pretty big. Since it's 6" deep, it appears much wider when not full. I wouldn't recommend it for a smaller frame, but if you need a bag that can pack a LOT of stuff, this is it right here. This bag would have retailed for $750. I would sell it online for 500. It's yours for 375 PM me for more detailed pictures.

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wow those are some great prices, pm'd for the wallet.
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My regular bag prices have dropped, lots of interest on the sample sale bags. These won't be hanging around for long! Don't see a sample bag that fits your needs? Have me make you one!
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Got my wallet today, super fast shipping and great quality! Came in a cool bag too. Thanks a bunch, will look forward to getting some more stuff in the future!
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can you post up all the available buckle styles you have? also, can you do a belt that has snap buttons so that i can change out the buckles ( similar to corter/tanner goods)?
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Glad to hear your wallet showed up quickly Gats. Boibleu, I have standard roller buckles, square garrison buckles, those regular round ones I often use and a bunch of others available really. You'd have to give me an idea of what you're looking for, since I have so many that I have access to. I can do snap buttons, that's no problem. I'm also going to be buying chicago screws for interchangable buckles too soon. Later today I'm going to make a double ring belt, and when I have the materials I'll make a double wrap too. You can preorder for one of those if you want, I already have them drawn up.
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I reduced the price on the large natural mailbag. It's a stupid deal now!
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PM sent
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Price dropped on last remaining piece from the sample sale. Get it while it lasts!
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Im going to run a sale until next thursday. I'm giving anyone 10% off the quoted price of a bag (and I wont be raising the prices to make it seem like you're getting a better price, I'm giving honest quotes). I need some extra cash, since money is tight, and I'd like to move a few bags!
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