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Loafer styles

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Hello out there, I'm a short-time lurker, first-time poster.  Gotta say I was thrilled to find the place.  Took the route many of you probably did:  Modern Man, Ask Andy, etc... and was truly excited to find the level of discourse and knowledge here.  It has been a real treat reading through a lot of the old threads. My question: I have several pairs of loafers-- Bass Weejuns, some Johnston & Murphy tassel jobs, even a chocolate brown suede pair that I really like.  (All for less-than "business formal" wear, of course; i.e. I don't wear them with suits).  I was thinking of getting a pair of the Gucci horse-bit classics, as I think they might complement some business casual items such as the odd trouser and sportcoat combinations, or even the right pair of jeans in certain situations.  This style seems to have been around long enough to have reached a certain level of general acceptance, though some might consider them too laden with "The Preppy Handbook" connotations.  It got me to wondering, do some of you guys have a favorite loafer?  Certain pair, style or brand and why?
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I guess I can chime in since I tend to like shoe questions.  Ideally, I would own a pair of John Lobb Paris Campus Loafers in antique chocolate brown.  Although many forum members complain of the relatively wide heel in the current Lobb 8000 series lasts, I personally find my Lobbs to be the most comfortable, nicest looking shoes in my collection.  The JM Weston demi-chasse is also an amazing loafer, but their sizing is incongruent with my somewhat low-arched, skinny feet. Outside of my fantasy world I own three pairs of loafers, pictured below: The top pair is made by Cole Haan and I've owned them since jr. year of high school (back when I had a 56k modem and a mediocre 486).  The second and third pair are made by Ferragamo and Bally, respectively.  I like Ferragamo's omega bit and uppers, but their soles leave something to be desired.  The Bally's are superior in quality and construction, but are a tad wide in the toe box.  I bought both at about 40-50% discount-more than what I would pay today for shoes of similar quality. A metal bit loafer is a great addition to any wardrobe.  Gucci offers a classic design, however, I would be hesitant to pay anywhere near the asking price.  For that kind of money and style preference, I would go with Jcusey's advice and buy Gravati. edt: ack, the Bally's look horrible in these photos.  They aren't nearly as wide as my photography suggests. And no comments about the shoe trees. I can't afford anything better for my older shoes.
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I'm curious what style jeans people think would go well with bit loafers. Straight-leg or boot-cut? Suggest a complete outfit (with jeans) if you will. I like 'em too. I agree with The Style Guy (GQ) that low vamp loafers look bad. I think the most contemporary style is the Venetian, with a plain vamp, and I like those too. Oh, I dislike tassels, and I know lots of people who do--but of course some people like them. It depends a lot on the look you want: preppy, traditional, trendy/stylish, etc.
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My choice would be straight-leg jeans with bit loafers. Full outfit, I would imagine something like: 501s, dress shirt with no belt (I dig the shiny silver button showing on my levi's) and a sportcoat or blazer. A lot of guys would wear this look with a suit jacket, even a pinstriped suit jacket. I do like the Ferragamos pictured. They are just slightly different from the usual horse bit, which is a good thing. And I wouldn't rag on anyone for using cedar shoe trees, regardless of their type or condition. Hey, at least you're using shoe trees, right?
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I realy like the classic Gucci horse-bit loafers, and they are IMO the best in that catagory, but there are many styles of them:
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OK - I know they're not the most fashionable, but I do like loafers. I have three pairs in particular that I tend to rotate between. 1. Cordovan Bass loafers with leather soles, a kiltie and brass buckle. I wear these all the time with navy, brown, khaki or gray slacks. Very comfortable and the ladies at my office have remarked how attractive they are. 2. Black Johnston & Murphy loafers with leather soles, tassels and kiltie. They go with my black and gray slacks and my blue, black and gray suits (I know, I know - tassel loafers with suits) 3. My brown Johnston & Murphy moccasins with (yes once again) tassels and (ta-da) double kilties with rubber soles. These are my most casual pair that I wear with khaki's on Fridays (like today), sockless with jeans and even (gasp) with shorts. OK - OK - I know I've probably violated numerous rules of fashion here, but I like my shoes Also, bear in mind that my style is a combination of preppy and tropical resort. Bradford
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I prefer the chisel toe loafers made by Berluti, Bonora, etc. Gucci as well makes a fine looking chisel toed loafer with the snaffle bits, and such decorations. YSL does a pleasing loafer along with Dino Bigioni I believe. Personally I like a heel in my shoes.
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