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Perfect for the 90+ degree weather in Baltimore This is an aportnoy special, NWT, 5 button front, fully lined in wool, suede-ish outer part. SOLD

(Bought from chobochobo + shipping costs) chest: 23" / waist: 21" / shoulders: 18.75" / sleeves: 26" / BOC: 30.5" / TOC: 33" 


I got this from the Spooster, but it's just too "much" of a jacket for me...I wore it once... Loro Piana, 55% polyester/45% nylon, 100% polyester filled, so it's a medium to heavierish weight, light dove gray, almost like a microfiber feel to it, lots of suede detailing, inside the outer pockets, etc, tons of LP great features, double zipper closure, horn button closure on top of that, cloth fabric on wrists to tighten up around the cuffs, detachable hood, pocket needs a restitching, on the seam, with 100% american raccoon, gangsta style, I'd imagine retail was over $3000 easy, similar style is on ebay with a MSRP of $4595, SOLD

chest: 23.5" / waist: 23.25" / shoulders: 19" / sleeves: 26.25" / BOC: 38.25" / TOC: 39"

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its a cool 65 outside and im sweating just looking at that jacket
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is this the same one chobochobo was selling back in november?
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