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i'll go against the grain here and say boxster, if only because the cayman is just a poor man's 911, while the boxster has it's own style. i also like the looks of the boxster with the optional removeable hard top.
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people underestimate top-down driving. it's wonderful.
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Originally Posted by Lamo
people underestimate top-down driving. it's wonderful.

It adds weight to the car. Racing enthusiasts don't like weight, also everyone can see you and hear what your listening to on the radio. I think it gives off that "look at me, i own a convertable" feel. I can see its merits but definitly not for me.
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i actually prefer driving top-down during the night when it's pitch black or going through woody areas in spring.
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Originally Posted by jamesbond
It adds weight to the car.

And reduces rigidity. For a casual car in the south, I can understand why people buy convertibles, but for me, where performance is paramount (since I visit the track regularly), I'd have to go for a car with a roof.
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I was reading one of the car magazines and they were ripping on the Cayman saying the Boxster S was the best deal for the money. Something along the lines that the Cayman is essentially a Boxster S Coupe anyway. Conversely a modified Cayman S being superior to the Trad 911 on another.
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Penis or vagina?
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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post
Penis or vagina?

This is .. especially funny coming from SoCal.
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I came this close ... to buying a White Cayman S a few weeks ago. For the money, I'd say Cayman S. It drives like a charm and is a great deal. In my opinion, you need two options - the autostick (I live in LA and a manual in rush hour traffic gets tiring) and the Chrono Package with the Sport mode. Should be a tad under 60k

I don't think it is a watered down 911 at all, two different cars and mind sets.

That said, I love the new Boxster S and if I need a two seater ragtop, it takes the crown, especially since the new Audi TTs are vastly over priced.
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If you go to the track regularly or take a winding road to work in the morning, there is no question here. But if you live in an area that permits top-down driving most of the year, there might be a dilemma. One of the best memories in my relatively short life is the December when I was 16 and my dad had shoulder surgery and had to swap his MR2 Spyder with my car. It was 65 degrees and sunny every day for a month. I'm an enthusiast, but I'd buy the Boxster S because where I live I can put the top down at night year round. Especially since they upgraded the engine to the same as the Cayman S, I think don't the performance difference is huge enough to buy a car that small in that doesn't have a retractable top when I live here. And I doubt you'd be disappointed with the handling of the Boxster S, which is still phenomenal. Don't under any circumstances get an automatic in either car.
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No contest. The Cayman is a better drive.
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Both great cars but Cayman is faster and better handling in my test drive experience.
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Cayman, one of the air traffic controllers here owns one. What a beautiful car. See, it even attracts beautiful women. Added plus. JB
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The new Lotus 2-eleven will shit on both those cars. I know it wasnt in the question but for the same price I know what i would buy.

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No windshield, no thanks.
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