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Rad Underwear

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Trying to pay attention to the details these days. After revamping my sock drawer (i'm quite proud of my little collection of paul smith socks and whatnot) i'm trying to figure how to upgrade the underwear situation. I've worn boxers for the last 15 years, and i'm not sure if i want to change that up or not. Right now i have an awful lot of "target" boxers and i can't help but feel like its a bit of a let down when i have a lady over for the evening. kind of incongruent with the rest of my getup. I've tried some of the AA nut huggers as an experiment, and they seem to get a bit of a mixed reaction with the ladies. i mean nothing overtly negative, but i suspect they aren't for everyone. any ideas?
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Boxer briefs? Perfect compromise?
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i was pretty much wondering this myself the other day. i wear the AA nuthuggers. I have gap xs boxer briefs and they're pretty baggy (not gripping at all). Same goes for a pair of paul frank ones in small that i tried. I wear AA in small. this probably limits my options, i'm guessing. but i'm still a very young man so i don't get any weird reactions to them. i suppose i would if i were a cassanova. a lot of people i know seem to wear these.

don't even think about trying stuff like 2xist, imo. Calvin Klein boxer briefs are nice, but i don't like their briefs.
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Think about trying the 2(x)ist. Perfect fit to feel a wee bit snug around your thighs, yet give you plenty of room in the crotch
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I used to wear mainly boxer briefs, but I've now switched almost entirely to trunk style underwear, which is very popular in Europe and becoming more popular in the US. They're somewhere in between briefs and boxer-briefs in terms of length and tightness of fit.

2xist is a great brand, but they're awfully expensive. Target has carried some trunk-style underwear in its Merona brand for a much better price (albeit slightly less quality) than the 2xist, but it's been off-and-on in the store, and never listed on their website.
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rocketship Underoos.
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2(x)ist Contrast No-Show Trunk
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GAP or Eddie Bauer boxers. They are soft, comfortable, and well made.
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after working for aa for almost a year, i have little nitpicky qualms with just about everything they make except for the briefs. those things are golden, i will wear them as long as i live, or as long as the company stays above ground.
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Chicks dig silk boxers.

Incidentally, the most perfect boxer briefs I've found are these, which happen to be on sale right now:

The Target boxer briefs aren't bad but they don't have enough room to garage the fire engine, so to speak.
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American apparel briefs are modeled on fruit of the loom from the 70s, which is kind of awesome. I like them quite a bit. H&M has a good underwear section, too.
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seriously, these are awesome (and relatively cheap). I got them at $12/pair at Loehman's
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I have have problems with boxers "riding up" and bunching under jeans, any recomendations?
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Jockey trunks. They're equipped with a nice pouch to support your junk.
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