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Are Two Follow-ups, Too Many?

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So I did a second interview for a position on April 18th. It went very well and the individual said that he would get back to me no matter the decision. I hadn't heard anything and sent a follow-up/thank you email on May 5th. He immediately replied back, said he appreciated the sentiment and said that the position has kind of taken a back seat because they were major sponsors of a big event in town and he would get in touch with me as soon as the event finished which was May 13th.

Well it has been two weeks and I haven't heard anything from them yet and as far as I know the position is still open.

Do I send another email or just wait?
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Since a significant amount of time has passed since the event, I would say a gentle nudge as a reminder would be fine.

Curious - what kind of a position was it?
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Social media coordinator at a primarily b2b ad agency...
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I shouldn't say primarily... It is probably 50/50 b2b and b2c
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They probably don't have great interest in you and are seeing if someone else is out there. That being said, they don't hate you or he would have gotten back I assume. I'd send another email just in case. It can't hurt.
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Thanks, guys! Just sent out the message... That is kind of what I am thinking texas :-/
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Yep, that is basically what is happening. They are still taking applications, but they have only interviewed a couple people after almost two months.
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It's an ad agency, so I don't see why you shouldn't be promoting yourself repeatedly (but politely) to them. I've seen small companies (and large ones) take a long time to hire... priorities often shift. I personally know my resume is tacked to the wall in a manager's office at a global company, for a local role, and they'll call me every few months to let me know they're still working on the position...
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