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Let's know about some Portuguese shoe brands

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If you are looking for some quality brands, this post serves to help you with several brands Zarco is one of the biggest Portuguese manufacturers for luxury shoes. They export 99% of their production and they have 3 own brands: http://www.mackjames.com/ http://www.carlossantos.eu/1.aspx and Star Label http://www.la-botte.com/4DCGI/PromoM...0LABEL/Homme/1 Then they produce for other brands like : http://www.altanbottier.com/3.aspx http://www.emling.fr/en/the_7_gold_rules# http://www.markowski-chausseur.fr/ http://www.bowen-shoes.com/ http://www.loding.fr/ A curiosity : Carlos Santos brand sell some very exclusive and unique pairs for about 3000 euros. And some more Portuguese brands are: http://www.professionbottier.com/default.htm and the brand Ferre http://www.degier1935.com/ http://www.marianoshoes.com/ http://www.nunescorrea.pt/Sapatos http://www.sarenza.co.uk/brett-sons http://www.armandosilva.pt/engine.php?cat=1 http://www.centenario.com.pt/index_en.htm this brand besides leather and crocodile shoes, has also from eel, ostrich and ray. Recent brands: http://www.luisonofre.com/ , http://www.miguelvieira.pt/ and Exceed To know more about this sector in Portugal http://lusitanaehabilitas.blogspot.c...dustry-in.html All the best Mike
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Which of these are particularly good?
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Pegabo makes excellent casual shoes or at least they used to. I have an old pair of Pegabo (made in Portugal) deck shoes that blow Quoddy and all the other brands right out of the water and into orbit. I am out of touch with what they produce now, however.
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