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20% off everything!! ALL NWT - Isaia, Brioni, Zegna, Etro, Mabitex, C&J, GANT, Fray, Gucci  

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20% all items over the weekend. NWT Brioni trench for 340 USD; NWT Brioni Tie 60 USD; Zegna jacket 356 USD; NWT Fray shirt 76 and a lot of more great offer. This offer does not include the Gucci chucckas or the bow ties.


All items are brand new and unworn. If you want more pictures or other measurements please PM me and I'll take care of it ASAP. I will try my best to be really quick, although work is killing me right now.



Really awesome go-to-hell pants. The fabrique feels like linen, but it is 68% cotton and 32% canapa (which usually translates to hemp). It is not from Daffy's or anything, but straight from Italy. The pants are amazing.


Waist: 31,25"

Inseam: unfinished

Leg opening: 16,75"

Thigh: 24,5"

Front rise: 10"

Back rise: 14"


95 USD shipped US/EU








Light green 100% cotton EU46

100% cotton


Waist: 30,75"

Inseam: unfinished

Leg opening: 7,75"

Thigh: 23,5"

Front rise: 10"

Back rise: 13,5"


75 USD shipped EU/US








100 shipped EU/US

Charcoal Mabitex tagged EU44, thick/rough wool.

Waist: 28"
Inseam: unfinished
Leg opening: 14,5"
Thigh: 23,25"
Front rise: 9,5"
Back rise: 14,25"



I would say this is fantastic for the summer, and if it doesn't sell I will probably keep it myself. It comes with buttons all the way; hence one could wear it as a shirt or a sweater, but I would probably wear it as a jacket (pocket square in pic not included).


See the pictures for best description of the item.


Z Zegna (although not Ermenegildo, I'd say it's definitely up there)

Light blue

100% treated linen


MoP buttons



Keep in mind that linen is fairly stretchy and wrinkly; I did not stretch it when I measured.

P2P: 21"

Shoulders: 18"

Length: 30,5"

Sleeves: 25,25"


445 USD shipped EU/US


ZZegna.JPG   ZZegna1.JPG

ZZegna2.JPG   ZZegna4.JPG







Up for sale is a great tie from Brioni. It is not a 7-fold or anything, but it's still great.


Super soft silk

Comes with Brioni plastic cover

Width at widest point: 4"

75 USD shipped EU/US

brioni1.JPG     brioni2.JPG




NWT Etro Tie


Redish Etro tie

Width at widest point: 3,75"

35 USD shipped EU/US





Here are some C&J monks that I bought off the forum. Unfortunately, they were too small for me. Tried on the right shoe once; did not walk in it. They are UK 9.5 in the last 240 D. Includes shoe box and shoe bags. $330 shipped within Europe, $345 to the US. Just recouping my cost. They were purchased as subs/seconds, but I cannot seem to find any noticeable flaws. There are some imperfections in the colouring on the left shoe (at least that's what the original seller says )


Originally Posted by countbaron View Post

I believe them to be MTO shoes as they are not in the current C&J catalogue and found a thread in Ask Andy (Thread: Crockett & Jones vs. Peal lasts- April/2010) where the C&J sales person is quoted as saying : 'We can also custom make/dispatch (6-8 weeks) any model using the 240 last, prices start from £500 less tax, plus £30 to you directly and we can send you our Mail Order Catalogue, please forward your full postal address.'

More pictures (C&J monks) (Click to show)


Original pictures  



Gucci Chukkas I could get a pair of Gucci chukkas in UK 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7, 8.5 and 10.5. It's the same model featured here.

Price would be $270 shipped within Europe, and $285 to the U.S. Payment through PayPal personal or add 3%. No returns (unless flaws, of course





There seems to be quite a bow tie hype going on over in WAYWT, hence I thought these might attract some interest. They are all silk, and were woven in Como, the silk capital of Italy. I'd say these are unique, as they were especially made for me; for a little project I had in mind. Unfortunately it didn't work out, and I got stuck having around 100 bow ties left over. Some are SF-approved, others are not. Some are fugly (yes, can't deny that) while some are smoking hot. I have 8-12 of each design. In terms of width they are all 3" at their widest point. They are adjustable to fit most sizes. In case you have really small neck, I can adjust it further. $33 each, $55 for two and $75 for three. Any additional after that would be $20/each. Payment includes shipping worldwide. Personal payment (or add 3%).  


#2 - satin



#5 - woven (not printed)

#6 -



#9 - picture number two features the plastic protector that comes with all the bows

SHIRTS #3 38/15 - white french cuff


  All the shirts have really thick MoP buttons, and, of course, handsewn buttonholes. Best of the best of RTW. Asking 140 USD shipped worldwide per shirt, and then 120 USD for any additional one.

Measurements (ISAIA)

44, P2P: 25" Sleeves:27,25"

43, P2P:24,25" Sleeves:26,75"

40, P2P:21,75" Sleeves:26,25"

39, P2P:21", Sleeves:26"



NWT FRAY shirt EU38/US15


Up for sale is an amazing Fray shirt, which is tagged "Fray per Griffo Palermo". Fray makes amazing shirts, and is consider one of Italy's best shirtmakers. Here are some quotes from forum members speaking about the quality of Fray shirts.


Anyway, this may be the nicest RTW shirt I've ever purchased. The cotton is incredibly soft and luxurious, and equals or surpasses my best Borrelli, Barba, Truzzi, Charvet, and Brioni shirts in this respect. Perfect sleeve-yoke pattern matching (this baby's striped). Not as much handwork as a Borrelli, I imagine, but the overall effect is at least equal if not superior.
I personally feel in terms of construction and quality of 'make' that there are none better than "Frey", there (probably) are several as good. What I appreciate about Frey is the way the stitches disappear, the LACK of bulk where the seams meet under the arm, and the general understated expression of the garment. I could care less about handwork construction for a shirt; I really don't think it adds anything but bragging rights.


Tagged EU38/US15

Made in Italy

100% cotton

Thick MoP buttons




p2p: 21.5"

sleeves: 26"

shoulder: 17"


It seems to fit more slim (especially over the shoulders) than other Fray shirts.

$95 USD shipped EU/US










Gant 100% "Long Island" linen

Regular fit


Made in India

Measurements are taken while not streching cloth


p2p: 22"

sleeves: 25.75"

shoulder: 19"


$55 USD shipped EU/US









38, P2P:20,25" Sleeves:25,5" Suits All suits are 900-->850->800 USD shipped worldwide.

2 button

Dark gray


Peak lapels

Ticket pocket

Side vents

Gregory body

Flat front trousers



Originally Posted by cksnipe View Post

The Sirio ( S Body)- The most popular body within the Isaia line is also the fullest in structure The S Body is the base in the collection from which all others are derives. Defined by its classic Neapolitan natural shoulder, this garment was shortened slightly in 2008 to give it a more contemporary expression. This model as with all Isaia garments is available in 2 or 3 button, peak and notch lapels, single or double breasted.
The Vesuvio (V body)- A tad more suppressed in the torso than the S body, these garments are defined by their rope shoulder, and even higher armhole. The Tribeca (T-Body)- The T body has a suppressed torso similar to the V-body. A lightly roped shoulder and very fitted sleeve- similar to that of a sweater. 
The Gregory(g-body)- Similar to the S body yet defined by a softer shoulder, this design carries a shorter body, and a mildly tapered sleeve. 
The Dustin Body (d- Body) This model has an even softer shoulder than the S Body, and even more natural deconstructed shoulder and is generally styled in a French face/half lined jacket. This shoulder shows "grinze" creases/pleating at the sleeve head. This soft jacket is usually accompanied by a 3 patch pocket.
The X Body- Similar to the G body characterized by the single button closure which created a more fitted midsection with in the garment.



Recent Isaia label
50, 8R drop Chest (p2p): 20,75 inches Shoulder: 17,5 inches Sleeve length: 25,5 inches Jacket length: 29,5 inches
52, 8R drop Chest (p2p): 21,5 inches Shoulder: 18,25 inches Sleeve length: 26 inches Jacket length: 30,25 inches 
Can get it in both 50 and 52. 800 USD shipped worldwide



 Brioni trench tagged EU44. Refer to measurements. Chest (p2p): 21,5 inches (You can wear your suit underneath) length: 34,5 inches Sleeve+shoulder 30 inches
100% Silk
Bemberg Lining
Leather detailing (button holes, pockets, etc)
Asking 500--->425 USD shipped worldwide
Brioni sport quilted jacket with corduroy collar Tagged EU54, would probably fit EU56 too, or even bigger. 500--->475 USD---->450 shipped worldwide
Length: 90 cm, 35,5 inch
p2p: 70 cm, 27,5 inch
shoulders: 56 cm, 22 inch
sleeves: 65cm, 25,5 inch
Cotton lining,
Suede details (button holes etc)7
Everything in the following spoiler tags are sold
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

#7 39/15.5 - blue/with stripes Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
#8 43 - blue Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
#4 39/15.5 - blue/with stripes Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Blue/white stripes, EU44, US17 1/2 pending #1 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Blue, EU44, US17 1/2 pending #2 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
White , EU43, US17 #3 pending Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
EU48 - slightly blueish, although colour not accurate in this picture. See the "spoilered" picture for more accurate colour. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
 most accurate colour
Blue/white stripes, EU40, US15 3/4 Pending #4 Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Blue/white stripes, EU39, US15 1/2 #5 Pending Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Light Blue EU39 #6 Pending Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Blue/white stripes, EU39, US15 1/2 newly add #7 Pending Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
White EU38, US15 #8 pending Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

#6 39/15.5 - blue/with stripes Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

#9 44 - white Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

EU52 (pictures is of a EU48 SOLD) Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Brioni overcoat: Retail would be sick on this coat. Similar 100% cashmere on eBay retail $8000, this would probably retail the same. Asking 1400--> 1000 USD (pending) shipped worldwide. EU50, which corresponds to US40 100% Cashmere - 100% silk lining Model: Alvar Colour: Black (ebony) - colour representation in the pictures are not very good, it is dark Pockets edged in leather Leather bound button holes Belt tabs edged in leather and attached to the belt loop length: 125 cm, 49 inch p2p: 59cm, 23,25 inch shoulders: 51 cm, 20 inch Sleeves: 64cm, 25,25 inch The colour representation is not very good in these pictures. In reality it is very dark black. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Underneath is a sick Brioni coat, with a removable fur collar. Tagged EU50, would probably fit a EU52 too. length: 100cm, 39 inches p2p: 61cm, 24 inches shoulders: 52cm, 20,5 inches sleeves: 63 cm, 24,75 inches The tags are marked: Composition: 100% Genuine leather Composition: 100% Bemberg Composition: 5% cashmere, 95% Wool Composition: 100% Silk Composition: Nutria (which is real fur) Removable lined interior (cashmere) It is marked to a 2700 EUR retail, which is ~4000 USD. I'm asking 1000, -->900-->800 USD shipped worldwide. Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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Added 5 new shirts, as well as 4 NWT Isaia suits.
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PM sent on th 2 Isaia 17.5/44 shirts.
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PM sent on 17/43 white shirt.
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Pm sent on the second eu48 suit
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PM sent
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Added measurements for the 40R/42R suits (I know the shoulder seem tight but they aren't, many Isaias measure tighter than they actually fit). Also added two nice Brionis. I know it's off season, but the winter is approaching soon, and what's better than an awesome overcoat?
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are you still to revceive the size 39 shirts you have mentioned above?
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Added two brioni trenches and 9 new shirts.
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PM sent on shirts #8 and #9.
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Measurements for the second brioni overcoat?
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Added a new Brioni sport jacket. Added measurements for all the coats and got some new pictures of one of the suits.
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Got my Isaia shirts today. Bump for a great seller.
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Some new photos of the EU50 suit. Makes it more justice. Also dropped the 100% cashmere coat $400. It will end up on eBay if not sold here. Take $100 off the other fur Brioni coat as well. Cannot, unfortunately, get any additional shirts in other sizes. Will consider offers on the Brioni overcoats. Best regards, Matt
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More drops. Considering moving it to eBay.
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