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How many vacation days/holidays do you get per year? - Page 3

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I work for the federal government, so same as what rdawson gets, but my site is on a 9 hour day, so we get 3 day weekends every other week, which is a huge perk for me. Also means that you have to take more leave to get a whole day off, though.... Oh, also you only get 4 hours per pay period for the first 3 years, which is where I am now. At that level, it's pretty comparable to private industry, or even slightly worse. My brother works for an oil company, and he will have more vacation time than I do until I get 15 years in.
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28 days paid holiday and i also get the days off between Christmas and New Year paid. I get all public holidays off as well but i can't be bothered to count how many that is.
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13 vacation + 2 floating holidays
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7 holidays
3 Floating Holidays
15 vacation days
7 sick days
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21 vacation, 11 (?) holiday, 5 sick
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25 days annual leave
20 days sick leave (accrues if unused)
Time off in lieu for weekends worked offshore
3 months long service leave after 10 years, prorated after 7+ years

spent quite a lot of time offshore so i have lots of leave accrued at the moment, about 2 months. coming up to long service maturing so i will have 5 months, at which stage my boss will probably force me to take it
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15 vacation days
3 "optional" days (vacations days that don't rollover)
unlimited sick days, but you don't want to take more than a couple
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Everyone gets 4 personal days, 6 holidays at my place and unlimited sick days.

As for vacation:

0 to 3 years: 10 days
3 to 10 years: 15 days
10 to 20 years: 20 days
20+ years: 25 days

I gots 20.
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30 days leave I can take whenever (can carry over 10 a year). This raises to 33 next year. 8 days public holidays. Unlimited sick.
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My first job out of college gave us 7 vacation days, 3 sick days, and a grand total of 4 national holidays: XMas, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. It was also the kind of place where nobody actually took a day off, because you'd be seen as a slacker if you did so. People who got sick would show up to the office sick as dogs, hacking and coughing and sweating away. Yeah, good times.
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4 months of holiday (winter + summer vacation), 18 days of vacation (which can only be used on holidays)
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21 PTO, have never counted holidays or used a sick day. When i work extra I sometimes get lieu time, which i take once in a while. Been at company less than a year.
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At the job I just left, I got 24 days PTO, not sure about holidays, but we had to work some (rotational/seniority basis) but got most off (Clinical Scientist). A lot of my coworkers saved theirs up and would take 1 month off every year, I could never save them like that. One person I worked with had 400 hours PTO. They allowed you to cash in your PTO where I worked, but for a lower % than if you took the time off.
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20 days vacation
2 personal days
5 days continuing medical education
16 sick days

I use about 14-20 days total per year
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A typical BigLaw firm will give associates as much vacation as they want if (1) they make their billable target, and (2) the vacation does not conflict with the associate's schedule. There are ten federal holidays. Assuming the associate takes all of them, and has a billable target of 2000 hours/year, that leaves 50 weeks to make those 2000 hours, or 40 hours/week. If an associate wants to take vacation, he has to find weeks in which he is billing more than 40 hours/week. Add to this total the slow weeks (what I used to call "taking a vacation at the office"), and you realize why BigLaw associates are so unhappy.
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