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Shirt buttons

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Today I saw the thickest buttons I have ever seen on a RTW dress shirt. Athough I am not an expert at all, I do have a fair collection of dress shirts, mostly with french cuffs, and while some have thicker buttons, they are no where near the size of those I saw today. Mastai Ferrentti was the label, and the buttons were off white plastic. In my estimation they were at least 1 cm thick. Has anyone else every seen buttons of this size? And what would be the purpose? IMO they took away from the look of the shirt. Classic
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i see this quite often on shirts i have seen it on everything from donna karan signature shirts to etro usually stacked mop but not that unusual i find it difficult to button them up though, especially on the collar
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Thick buttons are really starting to annoy me. At first it was a cool noveltly that came along with buying better quality shirts, but now it's just a nusance.
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I actually agree with Mike C. - particularly when they are plastic buttons which they mold so thick to give a low-quality shirt an "expensive" appearance. Even super-thick MOP buttons are one thing to see, another thing to button, particularly if the maker puts super-thick buttons on the collar and cuffs without a shank.
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