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Brown slip-on or loafer suggestions

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This forum has been pretty informative. Wish I had stumbled upon it, before I bought these Testoni Basic loafers ( because based on comments here: and from receiving the shoes, the construction is pretty shoddy. I like the styling but can't get over the leather quality.

Anyhoo, my question is this: Around the $200 or less price point, do you have any recommendations for brown loafers or slip-on (non-penny, simple hardware or perhaps Venetian) for business casual?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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At retail for around $200, IIRC, you will be hard pressed to find anything really decent. If you don't mind pre-owned then you have reasonable options on B&S and Ebay.... Also you might look into AE and Alden on Ebay; sometimes NIB discounted models show up there....
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I second the Ebay idea. I just bought a pair of slightly used AE loafers for $30 shipped. Pretty solid. If you are willing to look at pre owned and factory seconds there are a ton of options under $200. As previously suggested search eBay and lurk the B&S forum here for a week or so, I bet something nice'll pop up.
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check Yoox under Moccassins Try something like this maybe:
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Perhaps the Allen Edmonds Preston

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Call the Allen Edmonds Shoe Bank.
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What about double monks?
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Banana Republic - shoddy construction but under $100
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eBay is solid, as is B&S. The main issue you need to address before hitting either of those places is what your standards are. You make mention of construction and materials, but you need to qualify those qualities to get a better idea of what brands, styles, materials, etc you should be hunting.

If you're just looking for an around-the-office beater then you can generally find AEs, Ferragamos and Bruno Maglis at Nordstrom Rack or Off 5th for $200-$250.
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Thanks everyone for the ideas - really appreciate it. Since I'm not in a rush to get them, I'll keep an eye on B&S and eBay.
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Originally Posted by acridsheep View Post
What about double monks?
I like this idea.
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