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Originally Posted by ter1413 View Post
I was at a tailor once for a minor alteration and some dude was getting some slacks hemmed. So he is standing on the box in front of the mirror, barefoot, and the tailor just marks a spot with chalk and the guy says...ok.....didn't factor in the fact that he has no shoes/how high or low he wears his pants/etc. IMO, it's up to the customer to specify exactly what they want.....

Yea - I should have been more specific I guess, but if you're comparing my situation to trying on pants without shoes thats a pretty big reach. I had him measure the shirts and pin them to the length I wanted. Like I said, I figured he would hem them the same as the test shirt as thats the whole point of the "prototype" test shirt.

Originally Posted by Dbear View Post
It is possible. I don't know where you are coming up with these arbitrary restrictions.

They're not arbitrary restrictions. I have never heard of anyone hemming a shirt and then returning to the manufacturer when the shirt doesn't come out the way they had hoped. I get that BrooksBrothers is a huge chain and can afford to refund its customers, but did not imagine they would refund an altered shirt. Have you actually done this?

Originally Posted by cldpsu View Post
I believe you could get away using the shirt both tucked and not tucked if the rise is sufficient. I like the rise at a point high enough so the length is enough to stay tucked in while still looking good with jeans without a tuck.

Unfortunately I wear APC NS jeans and even for my work pants (mainly chinos and wool trousers) I would not consider the rise very high.
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Bummer. I agree with someone's comment earlier about trying on every shirt for alteration. Consider the fact that the armscye may sit higher or lower and while two shirts might have the same side seam measurement, the seam will sit higher or lower in comparison to the other.
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