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Edward green loafers on ebay

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I am not affiliated with this seller, but if you're a size 7 UK, you might want to check out this auction. I don't know of his feedback, but seems like a good price for the shoes.
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That is a good price. Ebay is an awesome place to buy EG shoes, as the name is little known. I have never seen the bidding on new EGs go for more than the mid-$400's. And, there's very little bidding. I bought a pair of brand new EG Montpelier's two weeks ago for $250 - I was the only bidder.
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These might possibly be my size. Is anyone familiar with these shoes? I perused the Paul Stuart websight & E. Green catalogue but do not see it. Last season perhaps? These appear to be narrow in the toe--184 last? If so, will this affect the fit, i.e. fit smaller? I am pretty much a standard 7.5D U.S., though my feet tend toward slightly wider. Ordinarily I don't go in much for loafers/slip ons, though these are somewhat intriguing w/ cap toe & medallion. Appreciate any input. -AJL
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It's it just me or is that styling not too elegant, rather strange and ugly if I must say.
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Looks like Aharris has some bigger ones gently worn for cheap: Check his other auctions out - has some Lattanzi loafers for $399 I am not affiliated with the seller but can vouch for him without hesitation.
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I have it on good authority that one of "us" bought them. Looks like a good deal.
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I like them. Definitely not shoes that every other man is wearing. Yet, not trendy either. I've got a pair in black that I bought on EBay....
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