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The MC eyewear pr0n thread

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It is time to start a dedicated thread for eyewear. There have been similar threads before and I hope that this thread becomes a discussion place for all eyewear that belongs in the MC/CBD universe. There are many nice brands out there - MOSCOT, Shuron, Anglo American, American Optical (AO), Randolph Engineering (RE), SALT. Optics (more fashion forward and expensive, but some frames are really good), Cutler and Gross, etc. and the several brands owned by Luxottica group (which includes Oliver Peoples, Ray-Ban and Persol). Warby Parker and Classic Specs are also good companies that have good frames at a GREAT price point. Nackymade (in Japan) makes really good looking bespoke frames. They also sell RTW. I learnt about them from the Armoury tumblr. I've written at a couple of threads about Shuron, but I'll repeat this again - -they have been here a LONG time (since 1865) are a wonderful company with truly excellent customer service. They make a variety of very nice frames at very reasonable prices. The frames come in a huge variety of sizes (different combinations of lens sizes, bridge sizes and temple lengths on each frame model) unlike other frames out there and Shuron will work with you to find a frame that fits you perfectly. It is very important to get the right sizing on your eyeglasses to prevent eye strain and fatigue. A lot of people I see don't wear the right size (either too narrow and/or too short in lens width) and as with a lot of things, eyeglass fitting was done with much more patience and skill in the past. Just like with shoes, one has to look good with glasses, but not at the cost of fit Shuron is also one of the companies left that make a truly high quality glass lenses (including high index options in both eyeglass and sunglass). While more expensive than plastic or polycarbonate lenses, I strongly prefer true glass lenses for two reasons: (1) I have a strong prescription. While good quality plastic lenses are good, glass is visibly superior. (2) better scratch resistance and (contrary to what people think). I usually select a good frame that fits me well and get very good lenses since that is the most important part! What is an SF pr0n thread without photos? Here are some photos of Shuron sidewinders. I found these photos on yahoo japan auctions websites. Mine are just like these (in the same size with a longer temple) and they fit really well. While black is probably more CBD, I really love these frames and enjoy wearing them everyday. The fit is so good that I am so tempted to get a pair of frames in black as well. I also have a pair of prescription sunglasses from Shuron (Sportivo model) and I'll see if I can post some photos of that. There are some really great frames out there and some of you guys have glasses made by other companies. Some of you even have bespoke frames. I request you to post photos and talk about your frames in this thread!
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I have several vintage frames, but these are my favorites. I'd like to find them in a lighter shade someday. American Optical.

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^ Those look lovely, Parker! AO is a great brand.

Here are some photos of the Shuron Freeway model. The sidewinder fits my face better, which is I went with those but the Freeway is equally a classic model too.

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Booth and bruce has some nice frames -- thanks for sharing!
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Is Oliver Peoples the best widely available brand for sunglasses? Are they really better than most other Luxotica offerings? Are LV sunglasses worth the premium?
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So, am I to believe there are a host of 'craftsman' makers that make really high end frames, and that is very different from famous brands such as Cartier and LV which are not very good quality?

I dont really understand how this maps out.
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Anything from the Oliver People Vintage is awesome. Even though I have 20/20 I'm trying to convince my parents to get me a pair of clear Rileys as reading glasses.
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i made mine sunglasses though. i dunno if they're better than cartier or lv. i remember cartier not being hideously expensive and they have interesting designs. forget about lv but i like their frames. they fit well. some are understated. love the medium browness of that shuron freeway btw.
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Some eyewear inspiration. Chunky frames are the best. Geek chic.

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I like the look of Moscot. Saw a pair of Miltzens in an optical shop in Sydney for the first time and was tempted to pull the trigger, if not for my May NPC vows....

Can anyone ID the frames Tom Wilkinson wears as Joe Kennedy in the recent miniseries? They almost have a Personl-like look about them:

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And some gratuitous Harry Palmer inspiration:

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Originally Posted by Prince of Paisley View Post
Can anyone ID the frames Tom Wilkinson wears as Joe Kennedy in the recent miniseries? They almost have a Personl-like look about them:

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Looks like Anglo American 406s. I could be wrong.
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Any non-chunky offerings?
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