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Originally Posted by fritzl View Post
I agree with you. CL Final 1999, Manu - Bayern, Becks did it.

For the free kicks, I miss Roberto Carlos in the discussion.

The CL final was Solskjaer. Injury time goal. Beckham was instrumental though. He was very influential during that whole Treble winning season. Becks was alright before he married Posh. His career has been on a decline ever since.

Most memorable Roberto carlos free kick was against France in the confederations cup.

Funny interview. Ali G interviewing the Beckhams.
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Originally Posted by paraiso View Post
The CL final was Solskjaer.

Goals: Sheringham and Solkjaer. Corners: Becks.
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Great free-kick? ......Bernard Genghini against Austria in the group stage of the 1982 world cup.....That was a free-kick !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zidane against Spain in Euro 2000....
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Originally Posted by whacked View Post
^I guess we'd just agree to disagree then. I've never thought I'd run into a hardcore Becks fan anywhere...

Beckham's great at crossing the ball, I'll give you that, but only good to very good at executing free kick and long shot. Any good to great players these days can wreak havoc from free kicks, i.e. Zidane, Henry, Pirlo, Ronaldinho, Adriano etc. He wasn't MU most dangerous threat from long distance either, his shots are one-dimensional and relatively lacking in power. Keane and Scholes are better IMO. Besides, you can't single handedly change the game that easily; futbol is a team game for god's sake.

And if Beck is so great, why didn't the England national team, where he never played out of position, perform better?

I disagree. I wouldn't put Keane or Scholes better than Beckham. Both were equally valuable to the England team from 1998-2006.

I'll preface this by saying I'm not a Beckham fan. But, I can appreciate his talent. But there are several great players in various sporting spectrums that have not won the big one (Barry Sanders, Ernie Banks, Elgin Baylor, Dan Marino, Charles Barkley, Ted Williams, etc.). Does their team's performance take away from their hall of fame individual feats? No.

Beckham led a strong Manchester United to the of the toughest feats in Euro club soccer. Can't blame him for the lWorld Cup losses in 2006 and 2002. England lost in penalty kicks against to Brazil in 2002 and to Portugal in 2006. Soccer is a team sport. One man can not carry a team in soccer. Perfect example was Italy in 2006. No one man dominated for Italy. The Azzuri played near flawless team defense and made the shots when they counted. The previous winners - Brazil and France - had solid teams from top to bottom.

Beckham will go down as one the greatest dead ball kickers of all time. People forget. It's not the power of the shot that made him remarkable. It was the pin point placement of his shot (which far outweighed the velocity of the ball). There have been better overall players than Beckham without a doubt. But, he had the charm, looks, and world class skill to be where he is at.

No one should confuse him for being among the greatest. I wouldn't even put him amongst the top 50 of all time. But, people should give him credit for what he was - a world class soccer player, a great ambassador to the game, and a marketing phenomena.
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[quote=paraiso;559974]The CL final was Solskjaer. Becks was alright before he married Posh. His career has been on a decline ever since.

You've got Ferguson's ear on that one. There is a widespread belief, articulated by DB in his book, that Sir and Victoris did not gget along.

She was a Spice Girl at the time, and they hung out with many footballers, including the Liverpool Spice Boys of the time. Sir Alex always thought the glamour lifestyle was getting to his young charge's head.

Later, after they married there was a "don't ask, don't tell" wall put up between Becks, Victoria and United management, which eventually led to his sale (I've fast forwarded the boot and teacup incident as well)

However, Becks departure also affected United adversely, for it removed an integral supply of assists and some goals, which was not remedied until C. Ronaldo came into his own over the past 2 seasons.

Nevertheless, Beckham's career is hardly over. If anything, he's a successful example of extending a career beyond the boundaries of sport.

I'm not aware of many sports examples, and would not class Tiger Woods and tennis players in that league- schmoozing with Diddy, Cruise et al, having your own clothing line, fragrances and sports academies.

The most famous tennis players and golfers may have numerous endorsements, but they still fall short of the Beckham brand in terms of how far it can be stretched, almost flawlessly, at that.

Michael Jordan would be the closest sporting example, as he was possibly the first global superstar of the modern era, whom I can recall, and went on with men's fragrances, a second sporting career, and awful acting roles alongside cartoon characters, all accompanied by extensive charity work.
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