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A Sam (and David) Hober Tie Appreciation Thread - Page 434

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Originally Posted by DCTieGuy View Post


Awesome.  What color is the middle tie?


It's dark olive green with white dots. MCDT-1, Macclesfield printed silk.

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Good stuff, Andy. I especially like the POW.
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Originally Posted by archibaldleach View Post

Good stuff, Andy. I especially like the POW.

Thanks. I wore it yesterday and I liked it a lot. The only problem I had with it was the dimple just pretty quickly and easily worked itself out. If I can figure out how to prevent that, it will be a superb tie.

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Here's today's Hober:


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back shot of one of my favorites...6 fold with hand rolled edges in challis wool
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The Olive Macclesfield, MCDT-1, today:


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sam's 'default' width is around 9.5cm right? seems a bit wide, i might request 8 or 8.5.
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No. Sam's default width is more like 9 cm but you can customize to your desire.
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Does anybody have an 8 fold hober? I honestly don't think I'd order one, but I'd be fascinated to see what it looks like, as well as know if there are any benefits/drawbacks.

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I think it might be more correct to say David has a default set of proportions, not width. In other words, if all you tell him is width and length, then the curvature, rate of taper, and other dimensions (like how narrow it will be at its narrowest point) will generally adhere to his "normal" pattern UNLESS you tell him otherwise.

I can't say enough good things about Hober ties and David's assistance in the process.
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Wore my new stripe silk tie (UKU-6) today.


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1626 Map Pocket Square OMP-1A

White Linen With Navy Blue Contrast Edges Pocket Square LLCP-1

Bitter Chocolate Prometeo Grenadine Silk Tie GPMT-21

Navy Blue Prometeo Grenadine Silk Tie GPMT-7

Burgundy Prometeo Grenadine Silk Tie GPMT-3



My first order with Hober. Got them delivered to my hotel when in Bangkok. My mediocre at best pictures don't do justice and it's very hard to catch the beauty of them (vivid colors,texture,luxury feel) when using a smartphone. I am very satisfied with my order and David Hober even called the reception of my hotel to ensure that i receive my package.

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^ Congrats. Solid first order. Love that map of the world pocket square. I don't wear mine a lot, but there's just something awesome about having a map in your pocket.
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Trying to find a summer (or possilbly year-round) tie to go with the following outfit. Does anyone have suggestions?

Thinking something brown or rust, but open to any colour suggestions.

Bonus points if anyone can suggest something that would also go with this jacket, too. It's My other hardcore summer-only, hot-as-hell-outside jacket, so a summery fabric would be nice.

Thinking rust wouldn't be great with that.

Paging @Claghorn for his love of Hober ties, blue and brown.

Edit: Corrected pic colours.
possible options (Click to show)
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They all seem great choices for year-round tie! I would spice up the rather dark blue jacket with a slightly happier and playful color if you are looking for a summer tie. Something like this: http://www.samhober.com/macclesfield-print-silk-ties/ocean-blue-fuchsia-and-white-on-reddish-purple-macclesfield-print-silk-tie-195.html

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