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Originally Posted by aj_del View Post
Could some people who have ordered bespoke, comment on why they did so and what measurements they gave ? I am thinking of ordering a couple, and was thunking of only supplying the length and width.

I wou go staight to the source and E-mail David. You need to supply how wide you'd like the tie, but he'll help out with figuring out the right length. He'll ask you how tall you are, what knot you plan on tying the tie with, etc. Being able to customize the length was the reason I first tried Sam Hober ties. I'm on the short side and tying four-in-hands with most ties was a hassle... I'm now spoiled by Hober's bespokes.
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My current Hobers:

Yellow/Gold Dots on Burgundy Pin-Dot

Forest Green Cashmere Black Warp

Dark Blue Grenadine #13

Bitter Chocolate Grenadine #6:
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Originally Posted by Getzione View Post
This thread is long due. David is truly a gentleman, and his products speak for themself.

Crosspost from the Soporific Tie Porn thread;

my fave hober post yet. price? David?
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Originally Posted by Getzione View Post
I order mine with a specified width at 3 or 4(cant remember which) places along the blade and a longer length. The bespoke also allows you to choose the construction of the tie.

details on the tie (exact measurements/bespoke request, etc), more photos please, and do you have any others by Hober? This is great looking!
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Originally Posted by Fred H. View Post
My first two Hober "Grenadine Garza Fina Solid Ties" came yesterday. (One is the first blue from left in Bill's photo.) The other is a sage green to match a jacket that I'm wearing today. I am EXTREMELY pleased with these two ties. I ordered them in 59" length and with a 3.25" width. They are perfectly made and tie a spectacular knot. I'm planning on placing a two tie order with David every other month.

BIG HINT: Order the fabric swatches in advance. Wish I had done that since the green I REALLY wanted turned out to be the Olive (a tad brighter). Oh well!

Dark Blue:

Sage Green:

what is the swatch ordering process? thanks!
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gorgeous WS!
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David's ties and service are simply wonderful, and he is an absolute gentleman. I can't wait for more photos in this thread and will try to post my own.
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Lets not neglect all the info he posts on the fora
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David is a pleasure to deal with. I have my first Sam Hober tie on it's way right now (a lined 6-fold brown pin-dot macclesfield). I'll post a photo when it arrives. That Bitter Chocolate Grenadine is sharp looking.
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Another massive thumbs up to David. Proper gent, even called me to tell me order had been placed, and again when it was dispatched (same time zone-ish). Highly recommended.
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Also for me first order, 2 grenadine garza grossa (dark brown and royal blue) month wait!
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Here's another suggestion to always get swatches. Swatches were a tremendous help when I got my midnight blue garza grossa tie. I got swatches of black, midnight blue, dark navy and navy to see which of the three navies I wanted. I got the black for comparison. Get swatches of the colour you think you want and swatches of a few similar ones. It will extend the wait time the amount of time it takes to get the swatches, but it helps so much to know what you are getting. Also consider ordering swatches if you want something different for tipping. I tipped my midnight blue tie in dark blue shot Thai silk and it looks beautiful. Though I didn't order a swatch and the shot silk tipping was a last-minute decision, I'd recommend you have a tipping swatch to compare up against the actual fabric. David Hober has so many wonderful silks that a unique tipping can really make your tie special. The only thing I'd avoid in tipping is another competing, woven texture (unless it's the same texture as the tie). I wish I was able to afford more ties from David, because no other ties are as perfect as his!
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Originally Posted by ThinkDerm View Post
what is the swatch ordering process? thanks!
Let me Google that for you!
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Paisley madders by Hober:

these are THE paisley ties - the colours and fabrics are deep and rich
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In that vein (though it's not really the season, at least in this hemisphere) don't forget the paisley madder scarves. Absolutely stunning, though, to be mildly critical, they'd be even better with fringe - a situation that may have changed or may at least be an option since the time that I acquired my 'naked' version a year or so ago.
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