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Hello. I already posted this on the "Ask Me About Eyewear!" thread but no responses, so far.
I have persbyopia and the start of cataracts, I was told at a check-up yesterday.
Can any of you give me your opinions regarding getting this time digital (or "high-definition") lenses this time? I've had Varilux Vizio lenses lately and could get the digital lenses in the Vizio or another brand, but I'm wondering what disadvantage(s) the digital lenses might have. My optician is quite positive but I'd like opinions from others who might be more impartial.

Also, I'm always interested in opinions regarding non-reflective coating. I tried it once and didn't care for the smugy-prism look when I'd clean the lenses, and I didn't really notice any improvement with night vision. The coating also could scratch off. I realize opticians always tell me these lenses have been improving in recent years so I'm sort of open again. Particularly if anti-reflective is better in delaying growth of the cataracts. Thanks.