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So here's the story. I've been an SF-er for a while. I was a chlothes horse already but it got worse has i read all the threads here. I got into thrifting and shopping like crazy. I was working in an office and wore a shirt and tie everyday. It was a great life. i had alot of fun. Then, i decided to start my own business. life got better. i'm doing what i love everyday and life is good. the business has been doing really well and i'm really happy. but i guess i just don't care as much about clothes as i used to. i never shop anymore. i don't dress up as much, and when i do, i always wear my favorite stuff. bottom line... i don't need 90% of what i have. I donated most of the leftovers with a few exceptions that i'll be selling off here and on ebay. To keep things simple, i'm selling my tie collection in large lots. I WILL NOT SPLIT THE LOTS UP IN ANY WAY. I want to keep this simple for myself. So you will get some ties that you will probably never wear. Give them away, sell them on ebay, donate them to charity. You will also probably find some stuff you will wear often. that's how it works. ALL TIES ARE SOLD Silk Tie Lot - $SOLD 50 of them. Most are 100% silk. A mixed bag of quality. Mixed bag of condition. Some are new with tags, a few have pulls/stains/holes. The vast majority are in wearable condition. Some are really nice and some are marshalls finds.. the best brands include Canali, Robert Talbot BIC, Chipp, Falconnable, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Ferragamo, Ermenegildo Zenga, Giorgio Armani & Luciano Barbera. Knit/Wool/Cotton/Interesting Tie Lot - $SOLD 20 of them. I always had a soft spot for non-silk ties. Especially cotton in the summer and wool in the winter. Most are no-name or from long-out-of business companies but there are a few from the likes of J. Crew, Levis, Chipp, Langrock (although it's got a few holes), Pendleton and the like. Bowtie Lot - $SOLD 16 of them. Most are silk with a few wovens, cottons and blends. None are new but most are in good condition. A few have creases from being tied. Most are no-names but the are a few from J. Crew, Robert Talbot, Brooks Brothers. I will combine all three lots for $SOLD. Shipping to the USA only.
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PM'd on the wool/cotton/knit/interesting lot...
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I'll take the lot. PM Sent.
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What were the prices? Dayum.
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It was $75, $40 and $40 and $100 if you take it all..
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oh damn, i was late :/
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Originally Posted by ezlau View Post
It was $75, $40 and $40 and $100 if you take it all..

Wow, idfnl just got a boaner, thats for sure. Thats a steal.
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yeah, I just missed out on the set I had my eyes on. You've got to be quick on the good deals on ties around here. Oh well. The fella who got the whole lot found a heck of a deal.
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Alot of people here would pay $100 for simply the bottom left tie in the first picture, let alone a fucking boatload of them. Jesus.
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post
Wow, idfnl just got a boaner, thats for sure. Thats a steal.

Lost out too...
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Seriously, that's one hell of a deal. The bottom right tie is gorgeous.
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