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Edward green boots on ebay

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I don't know anything about the seller but there are some beautiful tobacco suede Edward Green balmoral boots listed on eBay here. There were three pairs in different sizes this morning, and two have been sold during the day. Alas, none was my size.
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Alas, none was my size.
But one was mine.
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I was about to email you about them Bengal, but then, while checking to make sure that they hadn't already sold any 12-13's, I noticed that you had already bought a pair.. Nice job   Unfortunately the seller says he doesn't have any more sizes, nor can he get any  
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Nice pick up Bengal. Yeah, I just noticed that you were the buyer. I can't believe what a great price they were. I just received my EG balmorals--identical to the RL PL shoes posted by A Harris w/o the brouging(sp?).
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 I can't believe what a great price they were.  
All three pairs (in different sizes) were sold as "Buy it Now" in less than 24 hours after listing. Obviously, as far as he is concerned,  the seller has pitched the price too low.
I just received my EG balmorals--identical to the RL PL shoes posted by A Harris w/o the brouging(sp?).
Are your EG shoes the style "Beaulieu"? Hope they give you a lifetime of joy.
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Nope, I got the Bergkley (or something like Berkeley with a G) in the Edwardian finish. BTW, do you know if Lobb offers resoling/reconstruction services similar to Green? This might be interesting for the rest of the forum members... matt
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Yes, Lobb does.  Depending on the shoe, it will cost you somewhere around US$120.  How much does Green cost? Listing them for $250 ... maybe the seller doesn't know what they are?  I have seen Gucci shoes on eBay seller more than $250. And by the way, is this even real? --- Lobb on eBay(Buy-it-now at $40.....) .... serves me right for not browsing eBay a little more diligently.... argh.
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Bloody hell... if that's truly the real thing.
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Seems to fit me, but at this stage I hate wingtips.
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Naturlaut - I think the cost for resoling EG and JL shoes is somewhat higher. Around GBP 120.00 (at least that is what they charge here in London). The Lobb shoes on eBay were really incredible. They were John Lobb (London) and handmade, not John Lobb (Paris) and factory-made. They are gone now through "Buy it now" (no wonder, must be someone's lucky day). Sometimes sellers do not know what they list. I once got a pair of Lattanzis (on German eBay) for 70 or 80 Euros. Although I wear them very rarely (they are flashy), it's nice to get a bargain.
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The guy apparently bought another Lobb at the same price from the same seller. At least they are not my size so I'm not that jealous.
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While we're talking about eBay shoe finds ... Since it'd be completely fiscally irresponsible for me to spend even this much right now on a pair of shoes (though they'd be so worth it.), here's a pair of fabled Lobb Perriers. Happy New Year's to all, and good luck to any bidders. Edit: I'm not affiliated in any way with the seller.
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I'll add a tangent to the original post... I began wearing my Greens around the house today. Geez, the 202 last is REALLY narrow. I thought I had made a mistake and my toes were condemned to a fate similar to a Chinese concubine, yet after four hours of lounging about the shoes have begun to conform to my feet without any discomfort. Is this the norm? I had a similar experience with Moreschi... matt
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Weston Loafers on ebay Looks real but half a size too small for me. Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with seller, nor do I condone keyword spamming on ebay.
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