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Shoes: Your cost/value/style sweet spot

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This is inspired by the million "How can you justify paying 4X the price of AE" threads. For those of you who have to look at the price tag when buying shoes, whats' your "good enough" point? Where does the law of diminishing returns kick in for you? You Big Tymers can excuse yourselves now.

For me it's C&J and Paul Stuart (by Grenson). Until I reach the point where price is irrelevant, I can't justify moving above this tier.
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To me it is about the $2k point. Basically, I have very little desire to get anything bespoke when it comes to footwear. High-end RTW/MTO is all I really need or want. I am sure if I had Fuck You Money I would, but money is an object.
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Eg Rtw.
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I now limit myself to either Vass or Silvano Lattanzi. I'd put my cap around $600 though the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes to date is $550
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Carmina or Crockett & Jones hand grade. I would probably check out Vass if I could see them and try them on in person.

Between these brands I can find just about any style of shoe I am interested in. Aesthetically, these brands satisfy me, and while there may be improvements in construction in more expensive brands, I don't think functionally it would change my wearing experience.

I also have some Aldens to fill in the gaps missing from the above two, but I don't consider them to be quite as nice looking as Carmina or C&J.
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While I don't own any, Vass and EG's are about where things start to taper off for me. I have been close to pulling the trigger on a $6-700 pair of these, and am pretty confident I wouldn't feel any regret doing so. Just don't find myself in enough situations appropriate for those to have purchased a pair yet... yet.
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If the shoe caught my eye and is ~$1500 then I would buy it immediately. If its over I would go thorough a mental list of do I need this color, this style, etc, and then buy it.
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Being in university I have a limited budget but I loves me some shoes. AE's are cheap for me, so I really dont mind dropping around 500 or so, C&J with trees are like 400 something so thats what I have though I did buy a pair of custom grade Church a while ago because they fit perfectly and are one of the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own. I really want to get some Vass but don't know where they are sold, (only in Budapest?) or if there are any people that sell them in North America. I don't find theres a need for bespoke shoes unless theres a style I want that I can't find elsewhere, I'd probably cap out at the price of EG, but if I can get me hands on some Vass I don't think I'll need EG (I have wet dreams about the U and F lasts ).
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I am basically pretty cheap and 95%+ of the time look for a sale even though I make a good salary. Maybe it is just due to being raised in a fairly large family with one working Blue collar parent. Anyway, I just bought a pair of AE 5th Aves for $250 and it took quite a while to pull the trigger. I need to mention that I wear dress shoes only when I choose and can be as little as 2-3 times a year. I have been trying to dress up more often and can now justify my AEs by wearing them once a week.
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My good enough point is the point at which I say "I'm willing to spend that much on these." For some shoes, that's $160. For others it's $1600. I buy things based upon my level of want versus the level of money I can afford to spend on them.
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At retail price for dress shoes, probably Vass at the lowest. But for stuff like sneakers I don't care too much
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about $200 for casual, $600 for formal.
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If you can find a last that works for you, EG or G&G MTO is the best $ spent on fine shoes.
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I wouldn't mind spending $500 for Carminas. The most I have spent is around $650 for a pair of Vass. Still can't convince myself paying more for EG.
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vass, JL, and EG offer no additional value for me over C&J handgrade shoes. The only brnad I'd be willing to spend close to a G on is G&G. This is brown only. For black shoes, I'm saying C&J benchgrade
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