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SOLD! 38S RL Purple Label light brown linen suit - stunning fabric!

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Summer is nearly here; so treat yourself to this gorgeous linen suit!

Tagged 38S, it may also work for a 38R is you like a shorter length, or even a 40R/S if you have a slim build.

I'm selling only because it doesn't fit as well as it used to. The fabric is unique in my experience: an open weave to keep you cool in the hottest weather, and weighty enough to be remarkably crease-resistant for a linen suit.

38S RL Purple Label brown linen suit
was $750 700 $660 now SOLD shipped worldwide with insurance/tracking

Style Details:

- tagged 38S, has been tailored, so check the measurements below
- may also work for a 38R if you like a shorter length or even a 40R/S if you have a slimmer build.
- made in Italy by Saint Andrews
- light brown, somewhere between caramel and milky coffee
- 100% linen
- unique fabric, in my experience (see pics for details)
- 3 buttons, rolling to 2
- notch lapels
- double rear vents
- flap pockets, with ticket pocket
- 4 sleeve buttons, but I got only the bottom 2 working. This is often done on Savile Row, to permit later alterations. What this means for you is that if your arms are longer than mine, your tailor can easily let down the sleeves from the bottom, and just remove one (or both) of the non-working buttons/buttonholes and then add a new working one (or two) below the current working ones, so there isn't an ugly gap between the end of the sleeve and the buttons! Clever boys, these tailors...
- trousers are classically English, with double-forward pleats and side adjusters, and finished with 1.75" turn-ups (cuffs)
- both jacket and trousers have a lightweight lining


shoulder seam - shoulder seam: 18.5"
chest circumference: 41"
waist circumference: 37"
length from base of collar: 29.5"
crown-cuff sleeve length: 23.25 (+1.5" to let down if needed)
trouser waist: 30" (+3.5" to let out if needed)
trouser inside leg: 29" (+plenty of material in the turn ups)
trouser leg opening circumference: 18"

More pics (click to enlarge):

I take good care of my clothes, so as you would expect, it remains in good condition with no rips, marks or tears. It is as great today as the day it was bought. Well, apart from needing a quick press, that is! Retail when new would be the usual RLPL many thousands.

UK buyers: contact me for a GBP price; it will be significantly lower due to no currency conversion fees, and more importantly, much cheaper postage.


etb: linen is naturally a bit "springy", so it depends how much you pull the material taut when measuring. Having rechecked, in hindsight I probably pulled it overtaut the first time, and the actual measurement is more like 18.5" so I've amended the listing appropriately. I also took the opportunity to recheck all the other measurements, and they're all correct. Thanks!
woe: Well, it's nearly June!
plei: I will assume that's a compliment.
Pharrell, Bean Counter, TRA, Bentech, iand: Thank you very much for the positive comments; greatly appreciated!
ice86x: I've haven't a good recent fit pic, as it hasn't really fit me as it should for the past couple of summers. I'll have a trawl back through my archives later and see if I can find one from when it fit a bit better.
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Stunning. Are the shoulders really 18.75"?
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you couldnt have waited til June to post this?!
damn me and my budgeting.
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holy shitttt
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Do you have a picture wearing it?
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Wow! I'd kop if I didn't just buy an Isaia Aquaspider in a similar color! Good luck with the sale! It most definitely wouldn't take long
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Pants jizzingly beautiful. Damn I could use some extra cash right now!
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that's probably the best looking linen suit i've ever seen.
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Sweet Jesus thats a good looking suit
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A holiday weekend is worth a PRICE CUT!
Now just $700, shipped worldwide
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Holdfast, sorry to hijack, but am I right in saying you're sourcing this stuff from Bicester? I'm thinking of making a visit on Monday (25 mins by train from Oxford station, too convenient not too) and was wondering what the selection of RLBL suits was like there? Ideally in 36 / 38 chest sizes. I appreciate the help, and wish you luck selling this jacket!
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Where in Oxford are you? I'd very much like to have a look at this.
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Ugh, damn, too attractive, I need one exactly like this but in 36S. I have been checking this thread out several times today already, just to hope that p2p measurement somehow goes from 41 to.. 38.
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PRICE CUT! now $660, shipped worldwide.
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