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i really love lanolin Ägg-Tväl Swedish egg white soap for my face. it's about as great as it is unpronounceable. kind of works like the classic egg white treatment for cleaning out and tightening pores.

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This one is great. Really helps reduce ingrown hairs.

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This brand looks gimmicky but I've been using their soaps through three different bars in a row and have tried four in total:

Filthy Farm Girl Soap

The "Hawaiian Vanilla" uses vanilla obtained from the only vanilla farm in the united states, located on the Big Island. Their "Filthy Pussy", with rose and mint, is my favorite but the "Filthy Ass" with tuberose and rosewood is great as well. Once again, their schtick is overdone but their product is very high quality and the bars are very large and the smell of each soap is created with a light hand.
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That claus porto soap is really awesome btw. its huge though but really high quality and the fragrance is great.
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A buddy of mine snagged some Le Labo Rose 31 soap from a hotel in New York. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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