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Originally Posted by Recoil View Post
I must very much disagree. The suits in The Dark Knight were a disaster. Low gorge, windsor/half windsor knots, gap between the lapels and collar in almost every shot. The scene where he gives the speech in the penthouse before the Joker shows up I remember being mesmerized by how poorly the fit was on the jacket considering how much advertising Armani did to highlight the fact he was wearing their suits.

Even in the pictures you posted there is gap, and the pants look to be pleated.

You are spouting shizzer. just saying.
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Definitely Thom Browne bandwagon but I remember Ewan McGregor having some solid looks in Stay

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Redford as Joe Turner.
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AAAC had a decent thread about this recently. Cuffdaddy is right about the missed opportunity of The King's Speech: so-so fitting center-vented suits trying to pass as Savile Row city suits. On balance, I'd have to say Redford or Waterson in The Great Gatsby. Brosnan as Thomas Crown merits mention: His three-piece fits much better than Bale's in the Dark Knight. Dennis Price in Kind Hearts and Coronets wore some of the best clothes ever filmed: Check out Sator's superb post on the film, now brought to a broader public by Warren Beatty in Mike Nichols's 1975 The Fortune is up there, just for this suit: TV, not movies, but Sam Neill as Sidney Reilly wore a fascinating gray three-piece lounge suit with a lapelless 10x5 DB vest. I think the coat was one of those Edwardian 4-buttons, too! Can't find an image. For me, the best clothes-in-wear ever filmed are on Anthony Andrews and Jeremy Irons as Sebastian Flyte and Charles Ryder in Brideshead Revisited. Check out this photo. Throughout the immense series, they both always look completely natural in their costumes, just as much as Connery as Bond, who apparently slept in the Bond suits to prepare for the role. The linen or hopsack suit Sebastian wears in Venice, in particular, is spectacular. You have to see it in motion to appreciate it. It is the apex of easygoing elegance.
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1)christian bale as batman
2)RD JR. as Iron man
3)Frank Abagnale
4)Joseph Gordon Levitt's character in Inception
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Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

loved his look in that movie. being good looking and fit also helps, but the outfits were spectacular. jeez i love that movie.
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Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by wizard7926 View Post
I love some of the stuff Leo pulls off as Frank Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can.

maybe not the "best dressed" ever but I thought Leo DiCaprio pulled off some nice styles in Catch Me If You Can.
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Originally Posted by lasbar View Post
De Sica, The Tourist (2010) Looks like an older version of Patrick Grant from Norton and sons...
It could be...but christian de sica is roman, figured it was caraceni.
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not sure if all taken on set..
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All the actors in the French gangster film Touchez Pas au Grisbi.
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Sean Connery, of course.
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I will nominate The Man Who Fell To Earth

Originally Posted by David Reeves View Post

Really I think nowadays they add more gravitas to a very nicely made classic suit, on someone who is say over 30.

Pleats have been showing up more and more on fashiony stuff over the last couple of years. Only a matter of time before they make a comeback here. I have some pleated Henrik Vibskov pants that are sweet. I am under 30.
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Hopefully this has already been mentioned and I just missed it. But if not.....

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Mr Valentino and Giammetti in Valentino the last emperor and "il Principe" Attachment 65607
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