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I just wanted to know what underwear everyone here prefers? My girlfriend has been annoying me about my diverse collection, saying that I need to standardise. I believe I have yet to find the most comfortable and (dare I say it) sexy underwear, so I refuse to relinquish my ability to mix-and-match. Perhaps you could recommend a pair that you like for me to try? --European Interloper
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Wear black or grey boxer briefs. Classic and clean. Calvin Klein still makes the best ones. Boxers are okay too, but bunch up under more fitted pants. Tighty whities (i.e. white briefs) are for the under 13 set. For the sake of all that's good and holy don't wear thongs. Choose cotton. Leave the silk in the eighties.
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My favorite are boxer/briefs by Boss. The fit and feel the best.
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Boxer Briefs by 2xist.
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cK colored briefs, every color of the rainbow, to match shirt, or tie in a pinch...
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What do you think of the DG boxer briefs? --European Interloper
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well, if you want the best underwear, the undisputed champions are Hanro of Switzerland and Zimmerli. they are expensive, but the boxers and t-shirts can't be beat by any other manufactuer, as the swiss mercerized cotton is the finest avail. the boxers are much better, and more comfortable, than even silk.
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Interloper actually I've just recently picked up some boxers, and boxer-briefs, by Dolce e Gabbana, but have yet to wear them. If I find them to be good I'll post up my opinion on them. I found that the most comfortable boxers for me were by CK. As to 2Xist I like their A shirts.
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I usually don't like their collections, but the underwear from Sean John is great: 100% silk, not too tight, not too loose, in fashionable colors matching your pants and shirts (black, baby blue, etc.), some have elegant patterns, and they are comfortable. Girls love 'em.
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*shrugs* Guess the cartoon characters of any sorts printed on Fruit of the Loom underwears aren't popular anymore.
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I like boxers from the gap or J. Crew. They're cheap, comfortable and suit me fine.
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I've recently become a big fan of 2(x)ist, boxers and t-shirts. Soft, combed-cotton feel, extremely comfortable, looks great and fits great.
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Today it is hot as hell in NYC and I'm wearing my only pair of silk boxers. I've always worn flannel or cotton boxers, but today realized that I should definatly get more silk. They are lighter, don't bunch up, and more comfortable. I really don't care if thier not "in." It dosn't really matter cause comfort is always in.
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@ Arizona's Finest: Was your last reply directed towards me? If so, I don't get what you are trying to say... @ Mike C.: You are absolutely right, silk is great. I've much more cotton boxers (Boss, CK, Polo) than silk ones, I'm wearing those on "not so important days". But when it comes to women: My silk boxers are just a must. They fit much better, they look great on my azz (sorry.) and, like I said before, the ladies love 'em. I usually don't wear silk, but it's great for boxers. I personally prefer a women with nice La Perla Silk Underwear than with Cotton...
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EF: Arizona was teasing, because everyone knows Transformers briefs are what's in right now.
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