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What were your college graduation gifts?

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I'm graduating from college tomorrow and every single one of my "gifts" thus far has been money. I'm not complaining, as I'd much rather receive cash than anything. So far received a couple grand, so I'm quite pleased I go to a school with a lottt of rich kids (know a kid who has a $10M trust fund), and I see kids wearing Pateks. What did you guys get?
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a nike sweatshirt. =)
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I bought my godparents dinner at a fancy restaurant. I didn't get a card, but I got some phone calls to congratulate me. I think graduation gifts are exceedingly rare over here.
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a pat on the back.........
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a caution to not screw up my life...I was a film major so job prospects equate to staring into the abyss to find my character.
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I got about a thousand dollars cash for a trip to California from my parents, then some money and a few random gifts from family.

My wife got like five grand and a $12k set of pearls from her (crazy) parents.
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Don't think I got anything special. For hs graduation I got a nice watch. My family is strange with gifts.
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Originally Posted by AxlJack View Post
a pat on the back.........
+1. College graduation irks me, almost as much as high school graduation. College graduation is not an accomplishment. It takes effort to flunk out of college. I don't expect a reward for passing a bunch of classes and drinking for four years. It is just such an overcelebrated, fake event that it just makes me feel uncomfortable.
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A $30k college education without having to pay for it.
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some 40oz's of ole e!
(paid for by me)
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A pat on the back. After high school, a graduation gift is as cheesy as hell.
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Total sum of gifts for high school and graduation = the knowledge that I was now that much more employable + lunch. My family isn't much for making a big deal out of shit that I was plainly expected to accomplish.

That said, they kicked in five figures when I bought a house last year.
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$30,000 in debt.
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I got a trip to New York with my girlfriend.
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