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Ever bought a suit through Yoox?

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I saw a deal on a RLBL suit on Yoox that seemed tempting (i.e., around 1200), but have never purchased something more significant than a shirt through Yoox.

Has anyone had any experience with their suits? I have this bad feeling that the suits are somehow...different. Taking 50% off retail worries me a bit.

I hope I'm wrong.
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Their suits are fine, no different quality from normal - obviously sometimes slightly unloved designs which is why it ends up on Yoox in the first place. Obviously you can't tell if it's say a 38R drop 6 or a 38L drop 7 except roughly from the pictures but everything I've bought has been standard R length and regular drop so you should be okay.

I've bought Zileri, Cantarelli and Caruso suits from Yoox - all very nice.
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As long as you don't experiment with obscure Italian brands everything will be ok.
I've bought two Caruso suits from Yoox - they are great!
But when price goes 70-80% off retail you should be cautious. Caruso sport coat which I've bought for 140 euros was ridicuously short - I had to return it.
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Actually, the sale isn't much at all. i misspoke. It seems that RLBL suits go for about $1400-$2000 and the one on Yoox is $1200 so I'm not that excited.
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I wouldn't expect good prices for Ralph Lauren items anywhere except USA.
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Give it a miss. You can get Ralph Lauren Black Label much cheaper than that. I assume you are based in the USA though. If not, Yoox might be the cheapest you could get apart from eBay or B&S.
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