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FS: Dior 19cm MIJ 29

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These were bought new from luisaviaroma earlier this year and have been worn about 5 times. Perfect condition, no fading. Grew out of them almost as soon as i got them Tagged 29 actual size about 32", unhemmed. $310 paypal gift shipped worldwide, take off $10 for UK shipping.
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$310 for hemmed used raws?
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Originally Posted by kgfan5 View Post
$310 for hemmed used raws?

ur dumb
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they're not hemmed?
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my bad, i was reading the original post from my phone and i thought i'd read they were hemmed to 32".
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Pics? Also, do you have the hem inseam measurements? Don't this seasons raws have a smaller inseam?
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any photos? PM'd .. interested
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Will put some pics up tomorrow, inseam is 38" which is the same as it always has been.
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pics for those that are interested. Drop to $300 shipped.
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$290 shipped...lots of interest but still havent sold.
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